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August 1, 2014

County Executive Election

Roy Meachum

The last time we got together Jan Gardner was not happy with me. The veteran politician received election to all kinds of board of commissioners; she didn’t have that in mind.


She concentrated on how I wrote that most of incidents thrown together with Lennie Thompson and wound up with her in tears. We both belong to the Democratic Party; that’s never been in doubt. Mr. Thompson is a Republican and high-handed; that’s never been in doubt.


Given the choice, I would naturally go for Mrs. Gardener. My reporter’s instinct made me mention the tears. This, I gather, put me on her “not” list. The county executive race boils down to pitting her against Blaine Young, the present president of the Board of County Commissioners. She’s been in that chair previously; she did a good job – except for the tears.


Mr. Young started out a Democrat. The party his state senator father still belongs to; Ron Young, when I moved here 31 years ago, was the city’s longtime mayor. The younger Young, when he was elected to the city’s Board of Alderman, exclusively belonged to the donkey party – whatever editorial cartoonist Thomas Nast consigned him to. I gather Dr. James McClellan played a role in his switching parties; a former conservative Democrat, Blaine became a GOP member.


Blaine questioned the views in my TheTentacle.Com columns, which is how the July 15 piece originated. It boils down to this: I am a Democrat and he’s Republican; some of his political hijinks I’m not sympathetic with. He not only switched parties but named his elder son for Dr. McClellan, instead of his father. There, I said it out loud.


The younger Young founded the local branch of the Tea Party: I’m not fond of the Republicans who insist on belonging to the radical faction. I liken them to the American Party, saying I don’t know nothing – to conceal their prejudices and hates. (The party existed before the Civil War and vanished with the final killings – in 1865.)


I’ve gone beyond the fears for Blaine Young. As his father discovered, the name Young doesn’t mean much in the rest of Maryland. I don’t think if the younger politician would crumple up and give up his ridiculous statements that he will be accepted by liberals. No such luck!


Blaine is stuck with the present position that he has wrought. This November is the very first election for county executive; the next four years will be humbled or glorified by the human being who comes out ahead by the voting that takes place.


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