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December 10, 2003

Dean Nomination Would Cheer Up Republicans

John P. Snyder

God must be a Republican. Why else would he see to it that Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, becomes the Democratic Party nominee for president next year?

Once he cruises to early wins in the Iowa caucuses, and the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, he will be impossible to stop. Good news for Republicans, and God presumably. It’s bad news for Democrats, who will be sharing space on the ballot with him in 2004.

Howard Dean has been masterful at tapping into the vast river of hatred for George Bush that occupies the minds of the core of the Democratic Party. Those still stewing about the Florida returns in 2000 along with the war in Iraq have found someone to voice their beliefs.

He outflanked Senators Joseph Lieberman and John Kerry, who voted for the Iraq war resolution, by reminding audiences of their vote and his opposition to the war. Throw in some vitriolic rhetoric regarding George Bush and his candidacy grew some legs.

The Democratic primary voters are far left of the rest of the country. They comprise a wild collection of communist sympathizers, the “Hate America” crowd and those who feel George Bush is the real terrorist and that Saddam Hussein was simply misunderstood. Mr. Dean recently admitted that, yes, he got a medical deferment from military service during the Vietnam War due to a bad back, although he spent an awful lot of time skiing in Colorado after that.

This further solidified his credentials with the loony left of the Democratic Party. Incredibly, those few liberal Democrats in those three primary states will dictate who will be the Democratic nominee for president next year.

Gleeful Republicans are ready to step in and help Governor Dean to victory. A critical word from a top Republican regarding Dean will only help him with the base. So far, he has needed no help as he is cruising to an easy win.

Republicans really had to swallow hard as conservative principals went out the window with the signing of the Medicare reform act. But it took the issue off the table for Democrats. With the economy beginning to return to robust times, another issue is dead for the Democrats. And should President Bush begin to bring troops home from Iraq next year, well, the number of hot button issues left are few.

The issue would then become Governor Dean himself. In a dangerous world, do we really want to trust our country to a far left liberal from Vermont, population under 600,000? His arrogant and elitist nature coupled with his propensity to speak without a filter will make for an interesting campaign. No doubt he will rack up impressive majorities in Takoma Park, San Francisco and the People Republic of Massachusetts. The rest of the country will pose a problem.

With five Democratic senators hanging it up, along with gerrymandering in some Texas congressional districts, the Democrats were in a hole before the Dean boom began. Should his campaign turn in a McGovern or Mondale performance, might the Democratic Party become the modern day equivalent of the Whig party? Hard to say!

I wonder if Senator ‘Babs’ Mikulski looks forward to campaigning with him in Maryland next year?

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