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July 23, 2014

Reflections on Our Freedom

Guest Columnist

Deborah L. Senn


The Star-Spangled Banner is the only national anthem to end with a question: "O say does that Star-Spangled Banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"


An excellent question and one brought to my attention during a recent viewing of "America," the movie by conservative author and filmmaker, Dinesh D'Souza. "America" follows the pre-presidential election surprise box office smash of 2012, Obama's 2016. In this movie, there were three predictions that were made: that the national debt would increase exponentially, our nation would become weaker and the enemy stronger.


Here we are, just two years later; and, under the current administration, these predictions have not only come true, they are advancing at a frightening rate. Our national debt has increased by $2.35 billion per day since 2012 and is now over $17 trillion.


Our military has been reduced in strength and number. The secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, proposes a $75 billion cut that would reduce the size of our military to an almost unrecognizable force. The cuts would decrease military strength to a personnel level unseen since World War II. Veterans, who have sacrificed dearly for our freedom, have been subjected to inferior and inadequate medical treatment. The armed forces, who serve in combat zones, have had their meals reduced in quality and quantity while prison inmates continue to receive three squares a day and have medical attention at their beck and call.


Our commander-in-chief plays golf while the vilest al Qaeda terrorists are released from Club Gitmo to continue the blood bath in the name of Allah. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants infiltrate our borders while the president not only refuses to close the gates, but welcomes them with open arms, asking taxpayers to foot the nearly $4 trillion (with a "T") bill.


Americans are subjected to invasive searches by Transportation Security Administration agents at airports. Our emails are being read by government agencies and personal data stored for the purpose of what? National security? Did Francis Scott Key ever envision "freedom" in our land as it has become?


How brave can we be as a nation with the knowledge that our security is being undermined from within?


Mr. D'Souza's latest documentary is well researched, portrayed with excellent actors and filmed with beautiful cinematography. It makes his first film undeniably prophetic.


Much to the dismay of the left, "America," the movie, has surpassed the $9 million mark in ticket sales. Costco CEO Craig Jellnick, who had the book pulled off the shelves just a few short weeks ago (only to reverse that decision due to public outcry), now has to limit sales to two books per family because of the high demand.


What is it going to take? A revolution? Perhaps! I sense one coming. And it's long overdue.


To answer the culminating question in our national anthem, yes, the Star-Spangled Banner yet waves...for now.


I am encouraged by the patriotic Americans who still fly her colors proudly and seek to make this country great once again. The standing ovations, applause and positive reviews that this film receives is proof that many Americans "get it" and have had enough of this regime. It's up to us.


The change needs to begin in our own communities. Get angry. Get active. She's worth the fight.


Deborah L. Senn has been a Frederick County resident for many years and owns a small farm in northern Frederick County near Union Bridge. She is a health professional, active in her church, community and local politics. She and her husband raised three sons in Maryland.


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