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July 22, 2014

Out of the News

Roy Meachum

Several hours in my day are devoted to newspapers. That’s how it goes. A free subscription for The Frederick News-Post, the rest must be paid for: Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, New York Times and Westminster Times.


For all this ingress, in this column, I rarely write the news: this whole world is going to hell in a basket. At times, Republicans blame Democrats. They charge each other. In fact, neither can claim to be wholly guilty. They both can be held at fault. And in other countries, the systems can be charged; some are plunging to get free – like Russia and the Middle East.


We have the misfortune to live our lives in the beginning of the 21st Century. The European colonial system has broken up starting with World War II; that’s too soon for the bugs to be worked out. My specialties are Muslim countries, because I spent months in Egypt. There was one guy, a Frederick man, who waited for me to convert to Islam; he’s still waiting.


The state of religion with me is somewhat parlous. At 85, I can no longer see the Jesus of my boyhood; as a child, I was accustomed to the church – several of them. First they came as holy rollers – I was soaked at their say-so. Next their direction was Roman Catholic. Finally, the Episcopal Church, from which I’ll never stray, I’m too old. Through all this wandering, my vision of God has not glimmered.


On Sunday mornings, we have the misfortune of half-empty sanctuaries – church, shul, ashram or temple. With the few people thinking on God, the vast majority ponder on profits and materialism. We are all familiar with the girls/guys who came to the weekly meetings to meet each other. What I’m saying is that people come to churches for different motives.


We live in the age of materialism – with saintly faces. There’s nothing to do about it but accept. The move of the One God escapes us.


When a technician or scientist banished the last shadow from our world; there went religion. God or gods lived in dark places.


Ya hosarra! In Arabic, what a pity!


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