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July 18, 2014

O’Malley Defines “Doublespeak”

Joe Charlebois

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley isn’t making nice with the man whom he helped elect to the presidency in 2012. Governor O’Malley – who raised over $1 million toward re-electing President Obama – openly chastised the president and his administration for looking for ways to return the tens of thousands of illegal unaccompanied minors and adults who have come over the border recently. He wants illegals here – just not in Maryland.


This week the White House fired back at the governor by making public Mr. O’Malley’s request not to have any of the illegal immigrant children housed in Maryland. He has since backtracked on his position.


With aspirations of living in the White House himself, Governor O’Malley has not only followed the president’s lead but has at times been leading the party by being on the forefront of progressive policies.


Mr. O’Malley has signed into law a repeal of the death penalty, more restrictive gun laws, same-sex marriage legislation, Maryland’s Dream Act, and, of course, only in Maryland will Governor O’Malley sign into law the “rain tax.”


But one of Mr. O’Malley’s greatest assets as the governor of a leftist one-party state such as Maryland is likely to be his undoing on the national scene. His whole hearted acceptance of open borders will be his Achilles heel. The governor actually believes that the illegal importation of unskilled foreigners, who in many cases are uneducated or illiterate in their own tongue, is the best way to move along in an “innovation economy.”


At the recent National Governor’s Association meeting in Tennessee, Governor O’Malley told a pool of reporters: “We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death.”


What the governor, and every other advocate who wishes to release these illegal immigrant children into our towns and cities, refuses to acknowledge is the fact that they have families. They may be thousands of miles away, but they do exist. Someone should tell minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) that these children are unaccompanied, not orphans.


Governor O’Malley, who sits roughly 1,800 miles from the southern border, has no concept or refuses to acknowledge the issues associated with unimpeded access to our country by foreign nationals. He and those in favor of open borders discount the fact that criminals cross our borders, that drugs cross our borders, which human traffickers cross our borders and who knows when the first terrorist came across our border and is “living in the shadows.”


Not everyone who comes across our borders illegally holds the lofty ideals of living out the American Dream. Someday soon we will find that refusing to build a fence and dedicate major resources to defend it will lead to the deaths of many Americans.


The legislative left will never fix the border. Once they do, they will lose the power to demagogue this issue. They do not want common sense legislation as the governor stated in his most recent statement. They want amnesty with unsecured borders to keep the flow of cheap labor and the establishment of a permanent underclass to do menial jobs.


If ever a statement defined Orwell’s “doublespeak,” it is this one from the governor’s office on Thursday.  His office released this statement:


“I join with my fellow governors across the country in urging the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the common sense immigration legislation recently approved by the Senate. This is the right thing to do for our national security, the well-being of our workforce, and also for job creation and the U.S. economy.


“If we want better results we have to make better choices.


“In Maryland, we passed the DREAM Act – and we became the first State to successfully defend it at the ballot box – because in an Innovation Economy, we create more jobs when we expand opportunity.”


This statement might work if Mr. O’Malley was able to run for a third term in Maryland. I don’t think it will do so well across the country.


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