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July 18, 2014

Jenkins Wrong. Again

Roy Meachum

The sheriff made the wrong decision, again. He’s wound up on The Frederick News-Post’s front page once more. His good-old-boys will certainly excuse him; they agree with him.


Chuck Jenkins made the decision to go to Texas, letting a “hate” organization pay his ticket if nothing else. He wound up with tin hearers agreeing with him. Sheriffs have come together at McAllen; I grew up in the next state, Louisiana. (Fellow New Orleanians used to wait for them to wander over the Sabine River – to make fun of them.)


Federation for American Immigration Reform’s members don’t label themselves a “hate” group; the Southern Poverty Law Center has done them a favor, and call them the correct color. In turn, FAIR’s communication director, Bob Dane, designates the SPLC: “They invented the term hate group that they affix with whom they disagree with politically.” In most organizations the use of name-calling gives them the right, instantly and “politically” sound.


All agog, I wonder about the current indiscretion; it reminds me of the movie theater death of Ethan Saylor – you remember his assistant went to get the car. On the theater’s payroll to police up the area and let no one in the audience unless he pays the admission price; the missing assistant was the key to the situation. She would have told them the man-boy didn’t like to be touched. She gone; there was no one to inform the police attendants that Ethan had Down’s syndrome. I remember Sheriff Jenkins talked about the deputies needed a break; something to differentiate that they were on duty. Regal management had that opportunity, either by separation for the sheriff’s people; on both sides, they were too greedy.


There have been many mistakes. The week before deputies killed 19-year-old Daniel Vail allegedly for drug offenses. He had a shotgun. The grand jury let the deputies off.


But this latest maneuver had nothing to do with drug offenses; the sheriff let it be known long ago that he was against all “furiners.” We can attribute his trip to Texas to that. I suspect “good white” Americans are not suffering at all for plain bigotry and discrimination.


But I could be wrong.


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