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July 17, 2014

Frederick Goes to Texas

Harry M. Covert

Can there be any doubt the matter of illegal immigrants, now described as undocumented people, continues to exacerbate and befuddle governments all over the place?


The situation “south of the border, down Mexico way” is gaining by leaps and bounds on authorities. The men and women policing and patrolling the borders are having the toughest jobs; there’s no relief in sight.


Federal government agencies are looking for accommodations to house the young children and older ones. Searching involves any available facilities in all states, including Maryland. Objections en masse are louder and louder in California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. It’s not going to get better.


Whether healthy or not, the influx effects everybody.


Locally, it is a good sign that Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has been called to visit McAllen, Texas, to examine the southwest invasion and maybe find some solutions. He’s joining a select group of sheriffs from Massachusetts, North Carolina, Illinois, Oregon, New Mexico and Arizona.


Eventually, Sheriff Departments and police agencies in municipal and state jurisdictions will be faced with the problem. It is indeed a mess of mass proportions.


Those who have visited Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador realize why they want to stream to the “Land of Opportunity.” Poverty is unbelievable. They have nothing to lose. They are hungry daily; they are uneducated and mostly without hope. Of course, some education in birth control could be a great help, but the ruckus that would bring probably wouldn’t be worth the hassle. The professional babblers would beat up all of us as ingrates.


Where in Frederick County could 10,000 or so illegals find a home? In the city, Monrovia, Middletown, Thurmont or Buckeystown? Where else in Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania or Virginia?


Matters of goodness, fairness and public financing of the “visitors” are becoming even more turbulent.


Sheriff Jenkins will certainly have more up-to-date information when he returns this week.


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Border Patrol are required to implement the U. S. Code. States are required to do the same, as well as their state laws.


There are numerous ICE detention facilities throughout the Middle Atlantic states and the nation. Facilities are always filled to capacity.


The tragedy unfolding must not be compared to the immigrants landing at Ellis Island in the last century. That’s not comparable.


With all of the issues facing Frederick County and local jurisdictions, solutions must be found to stop the intruders. The problem is squarely in the hands of the federal government.


Many people will describe the illegal immigration dilemma as looking for the Promised Land. Actually, it’s more like escapism. As usual, the USA keeps paying and finding the cash at the expense of suffering military veterans, overloaded taxpayers and burdened college students and graduates who can’t repay their loans.


Few young job seekers are able to have multimillion dollar contracts to play professional sports or even go to the games.


I’m anxious to see if Sheriff Jenkins will have an evanescent moment and solve the problem.


Another thought: have the U.S. Army guard the borders. Oh, there is a thing called “posse comitatus.” Soldiers can’t be used as police unless martial law or a national emergency is declared.


It is a good idea, though.


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