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July 15, 2014

Letter from a Young Friend

Roy Meachum

“Hope you have been well. I do not know what I have done to upset you. I have always considered you a friend and always been there if you needed me. I do have a very thick skin, but some of what you have written has hurt very much. I do not know if that was a goal or not, but I am human and I have feelings.


“Please let me know what I have done.”


Blaine Young


(I have frequently written how the big bad politician in his Republican way offended me. I chose to answer him.)


“As the column reveals, you have upset me more than several times. I have written how you met me: You were 14, sitting in Winchester Hall; waiting for the election returns.


“The answer: You are Republican and I’m a Democrat. This explains the difference I view you.


“The friendship is still strong.”



“Ok – all politics aside, I hope you are doing well”




“I have moved to Westminster, to an old folks’ home. (I gave him the address and telephone number.) Come see me.




* * * * * * * * *


The president of the Board of County Commissioners cannot be summarized quickly – even by a man who has known since he was in the earliest teens. When Blaine was a city alderman, he visited my front porch, and he promised he would do better politically. His friend from his good old days has been James “Doc” McClellan, when he was in politics “Doc” guided the young guru on the scene. At one point, “Doc” had nothing to do with me.


But, of course, Blaine Young had everything to do with me, especially among the crowd that wanted me skinned and scalped. I’ve never heard that the commissioners’ president participated in roasting this columnist with a pettiness. I’ve heard him on the radio in the afternoon; he sounds fine.


My eldest son and I approached politics; he’s more conservative than I. In general, Tom likes the way Republicans have taken over in various parts of the state. He can afford the coziness of Maryland GOP. He concedes the rest of the state has drifted into the Democratic corner.


Tom Meachum and Blaine Young, they are both my sons; although I’ve known my flesh-and-blood child and the other one drifted into my world in 1983.


Oh, well, somebody comes first.

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