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July 10, 2014

‘Gotcha’ or Art of Compromise

Harry M. Covert

Driving around and through the various and numerous communities of Frederick County there is, without doubt, a “Spirit of Place.” In other words, the county is unique, distinctive and cherished by the native-born and the “come-here’s.”


Few towns and cities in Maryland enjoy the successful values, pleasures and history always on local display. These are signified by the political machinations well under way. The battle for leadership will become even more stringent in the coming months.


During lustrum in these parts, there have been plenty of eye-opening adventures, particularly from those operating governmental procedures in Winchester Hall in downtown. There has been – and there is – much to enjoy and grow.


As the county moves from a Board of Commissioners to a County Council headed by a county executive, all is in progress, moving ahead to establish an endearing place to live, raise families and operate business. It is an opportunity for more business.


Who among us can’t be excited by the success of the casino movement? Maryland’s four gambling meccas in June earned $72 million. All those deploring that success should be delighted. The growing concern about county public school costs can rest. We need to check as to when the local share arrives.


To help with increasing local revenues maybe consideration should be given to bring an off-shoot of the Charles Town casino to Route 40s’ Golden Mile. There’s still plenty of vacant property there. Keep the money here. Increase jobs. No need for a racetrack, of course.


Considering the coming election to fill the new County Council, the current Board of County Commissioners leadership seems well able to continue its practices. In my study – learning the names of former leaders who want to be resurrected – it’s important to revisit just why the formers were defeated in the past.


Unfortunately the public has short memories of most elections and reasons the losers lost. Too many voters can be easily swayed by twaddle for personal gain – more votes to return to the public trough.


Politics is the art of compromise, but it’s rather difficult to find decent conciliation these days without name-calling, yelling and screaming on the campaign trail or in official forums. The “gotcha” business is not dignified.


What’s good for Frederick County? Growth of business and construction of new homes everywhere are solid circumambient opportunities. In other words, more neighborhoods bring about more business, more schools, more of everything.


Isolationism, or standoffishness, or seclusion are not worthy for vibrant living unless, of course, the county becomes an island in the Chesapeake Bay. Actually it would be inconvenient and dull, gloomy and dismal. Frederick is not in such circumstance and will not be.


The point of this dispatch is this. Instead of all the gumnation coming from the political moguls, willy-nilly, it is time for some listicles. What might you reply? A suggested list of five or 10 serious and true issues before the November balloting which will direct the future of county government.


Thanks to a terrific writer and columnist Maureen Dowd, the word listicles is now in my vocabulary. I use it here to encourage candidates to make a list of key, distinctive issues and not just prattle or personal vendetta.


Here ends the lesson.


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