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July 3, 2014

Celebrating Your Freedom

Chris Cavey

Since February 2006, I have written for every other Thursday, with the exception of few years ago when I took a sabbatical for political reasons. Soon I will take another break. Throughout these years, the single subject I have enjoyed the most is freedom.


Celebrating my 200th article today, the subject of freedom is again the perfect subject as we head into this weekend’s celebration.


In 1776, Thomas Jefferson worked passionately, by candlelight, to create a Declaration of Independence that would stand for the ages. This document would not only define his life, but the lives of many generations of citizens wishing to be free.


Freedom is a very simple – yet complex – term. It is as easy to understand as "Don't tread on me." Yet it is complex enough that we allow our citizens to desecrate and burn our flag, and then we willingly defend their right to perform such a disgusting act. We do this because we are free.


Mr. Jefferson and his peers gave us opportunity unlike any other I know. “We the people” control the government. Maybe there are times when we don't feel in control; however, the provisions are in place to break the chains of business-as-usual and partisan politics and free our self-governance from its current destructive path.


Our country has been torn by war over the years. The wars that have solidified our freedoms the most happened right here on our own soil. We fought the British twice in the infancy of our nation to prove a free people could govern in harmony and under law. We fought ourselves a little later to instill a broader, more equitable, definition of Jefferson's document and to further define freedom.


It is this core value – freedom – which guides and molds our country in every aspect. No matter if it is a personal freedom, an economic freedom or those from the outside who come here seeking freedom. Mr. Jefferson and our Founding Fathers laid a path many years ago on which we could choose to be free every day.


This weekend you will make many choices, large and small. Enjoy them because somewhere others live in a land where choices are limited.


Have an excellent Independence Day!



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