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June 30, 2014

Election Post-Mortem

Jill King

Personal responsibility is one of the core values of Republicanism and the reason why so many of the politically active leave this primary with a bad taste in their mouth. Although it is certain that Democrats are leaving this race feeling just as dirty, the big picture tends to leave me with the party I most identify with.


After all of the mudslinging and the dust settled, clearly the winners of many of the races in Frederick County were due to the wrong reasons. Money, greed, power, and deceit could be a list of attributes for some candidates who were declaring victory late last Tuesday night.


There were several places that Republican campaigns gathered in order to watch the election results, while many sat on the edge of their seats, fingers and toes crossed at Winchester Hall. The unity was lacking with most not knowing about or being invited to the separate and exclusive events.


At a time when upcoming leaders and people who worked tirelessly to represent the local constituents kept that fuzzy feeling of hope and the desire to make a difference, many walked away shattered that their hard work and honest campaigns devoid of hate or alignment with other campaigns was their downfall.


If this is the new brand for local political races, how can there be unity?


Narcissistic personality disorder, a feeling of self importance and lack of empathy is all too common in many of these races, especially in the ones with the most power. It isn’t something easily stomached by the politically savv, even though personalities aren’t to blame when judgment calls on policy. If they are, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.


In a world where winners get a trophy or ring for rising above and proving their own worth, how do people shake hands and say good game after playing fairly, while the referees missed the game, the fouls and the calls? Why should they accept that hard work and dedication was their downfall, that playing by the rules and steering clear of the dangerous plays would lead to their loss?


How can the displeased masses accept unconscionable acts within their own party and move forward together, having a “kumbaya” moment?


Many candidates did do just that; they accepted their loss, took a few minutes to regroup, and then looked at the big picture. What happens if we lose the new charter form of government to a group of people who will – and can – grow our fiscal debts to the largest limits we can imagine?


Democrat candidates are already recommending new positions and essentially a larger, more bloated, government. Why would anyone go for paying more taxes? Should people just roll over and allow the controls to change, essentially giving up their own core values?


For those who are still working on moving past the person and their amoral character flaws in a primary race, there is only five months to work through the personality issues we have in front of us, getting through what Elisabeth Kubler Ross calls the Five Stages of Loss and Grief and move on.


With these five stages, healing will occur and resisting will only lead to a longer process. Once we accept that this is the hand we are now given and try to unite, it is important to remember we can’t change this right now.


In the future we can only do better at informing the electorate of accuracy and seek out solutions to the branding, familiar of Alex X. Mooney races that disgusted so many in Frederick City.


Ask yourself:


Can we really afford to lose to an undervote during the General Election in November in local races?


Do we want a more bloated government and higher taxes?


Can we get past the 20% we don’t agree with, to serve the bigger picture?


Often, certain people are accused of being able to control the climate in the room when they walk in. Will these leaders step up and lead or further the divide? How many hits can the Republican Party take, before it collapses entirely?


The two party system is its own worst enemy. Maybe that is why the masses are going to principle over party and becoming unaffiliated.


retraining my brain for the future, conferring with the past.


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