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June 19, 2014

The People’s Republic of Maryland…

Patricia A. Kelly

People call it that sometimes, due to excessive taxes and regulations. It is not a republic, of course, but a state; and, although we sometimes forget this, it actually belongs to the people, if we so choose. We outnumber our leaders and are free to decide who runs things.


Sometimes it’s complicated, as in the upcoming gubernatorial race. Early voting is coming to an end, and the primary is only a week away.


Four Republicans and three Democrats are running.


Among these seven people, there are Ivy League degrees, law and other master’s degrees, and some very impressive resumes. There are differences in philosophy and experience that could narrow the field, though.


In the Democratic arena stand Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and his running mate Ken Ulman. Mr. Brown is tainted by his history in his present position under the current administration. He failed in the Affordable Health Care rollout and is part of an administration characterized by increasing taxes, increasing expenditures, an exodus of citizens and corporations, including retirees guarding their legacies and low income people looking for less expensive living. Its education system is number one in spending – not in results.


Attorney General Doug Gansler criticizes the current administration and proposes change, but he has made a few personal missteps, cannon fodder for his opponents.


His running mate, Del. Jolene Ivy (Prince George’s), mother of five boys, seems to emphasize her community service as a mom – and her color.


Heather Mizeur, the progressive’s progressive, makes Martin O’Malley look like a Tea Party guy. Known best for her stand on gay marriage, she holds true with her choice of running mates, Delman Coates, a Prince George’s County pastor, who has also been an activist on this issue.


On the Republican side, David Craig is a Maryland guy to the core. He has been a successful teacher and principal, holding several elected offices in Maryland, and acquitting himself well in all. His running mate, Jeanne Haddaway (Eastern Shore), daughter of a waterman, has been a successful young delegate.


They favor phasing out the income tax, restoring fiscal prudence and Second Amendment rights to Maryland.


Larry Hogan has spent the past several years developing Change Maryland, a conservative advocacy group, which has helped his name recognition. His running mate, Boyd Rutherford, an attorney, has worked in both state and federal appointed political positions. They favor reducing government waste and excessive spending, stopping short of proposing the end of state income tax.


Ron George, successful small businessman and two term delegate “wants to leave a prosperous and free Maryland” behind. Very active in his community, he even earned a Masters in Psychology to increase his volunteer effectiveness. His running mate, Shelly Aloi, an extremely bright and caring woman, has served as an alderman in Frederick City, demonstrating consistently conservative values. She ran for mayor here, citing financial concerns among her priorities. She is presently working as a banking analyst.


They offer a detailed list of proposals for making government both limited and effective, sometimes complicating things enough to risk continued lack of transparency.


Last, and most interesting in many ways, is Charles Lollar, the outsider. A successful businessman and long-time Marine officer, he has never held political office, although running Cintas Corporation could well prepare him for running a state.


In his view, career politicians should consider getting real jobs. He may have a point there, as so many seem to be part of the problem rather than the solution.


Mr. Lollar, the first Republican ever endorsed by Maryland Business and Clergy because of his integrity, proposes private healthcare exchanges, phasing out personal state income tax by reducing expenditure increases, reversing Common Core and restoring Second Amendment rights. He has won the approval of leading physicians such as Dr. Ben Carson for his healthcare proposal, and Dr. Arthur Laffer, Ronald Reagan’s economic advisor, who supports his economic plan.


His running mate, Ken Timmerman, a well-known investigating journalist and author, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his work in exposing Iran’s nuclear program. His investigative experience should qualify him to penetrate the veil of Maryland government.


With support on both sides of the aisle, these outsiders with the skills and character to successfully run a government might be the ones to bring genuine change to our state.


Vote Charles Lollar for governor.


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