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As Long as We Remember...

June 16, 2014

Disingenuous Letters to The Editor

Jill King

Void of facts, some people will use any trick in the book to get elected. For the county executive election, some are using every trick in the book and inventing more.


Recently, The Frederick News Post published two Letters to the Editor from once well respected men of the community. Neither of them was honest, but used their previous position in an attempt to persuade the audience into believing their point of view.


No one wants to believe that people in a position of authority would tell us purposeful and deceitful lies, although some people would say anything to sway an election to their chosen candidate.


Curiously, Michael Gastley's letter attempts to compare two budgets, one from the Jan Gardner Board of County Commissioners and one of the Blaine Young board.


First he tells us to look at a household budget, in which – as many of us know – changes constantly as situations arise, items need replaced and items are put off to deal with in the future that are impossible to do at the moment. He calls this a compare and contrast, but limits what he mentions on the Gardner board’s budget to “they were in such dire recession times.”


What he didn't mention is how the state regulatory matters are affecting costs, including storm water management and the teachers’ pension shift. He doesn't mention the manner in which the 2011 Gardner budget, what she neglected and pushed forward to have the Young board pay for, nor does he mention that up until about two years ago, the economy still wasn't doing well and property assessments were still low.


When he compares the 2015 budget, he knows there is time to change the way items are funded and that revenue can go up, when many will see a new assessment on their property. Doing a future budget is in pen and ink only; there will be changes to the budget as there are in any year depending on the needs and the revenue stream.


He then goes on to mention major talking points of opponents, with what has been cut and in many people’s eyes was a long time coming. Mr. Gastley doesn't even bother to show what the poor recession Gardner board had to cut to make it through one of the worst times in history.


Did he mention how much they should have had in her earlier terms when predictions of such a crash would occur and home prices were through the roof? Households should budget for good and bad times, right? Of course, he didn't.


The last false flag he sent up was the fact that he had to mention his party status in his conclusion. Not only do we have an ex-budget officer using his previous status to persuade, but now we have a Republican ex-budget officer who seems bitter.


He, of all people, should know you can't compare budgets, regulatory and other expenses change, just like a household budget. The cost of gas surely has affected most household budgets since they cause a ripple effect and cost everyone more, including the government.


The second Letter to the Editor, by a former Frederick County Public Schools superintendent of Schools, titled by the newspaper misleading the audience was “Former County Superintendent Endorses Gray.”


Written by Jack Dale, this one came into question immediately.


Supporters of Jan Gardner will do anything to win, even using people of status to further their cause.


Since Mr. Dale has been living in Virginia and retired in December, his writing shows more than average talking points that possibly came from his Democrat advocate Val Dale. Ms. Dale, according to financial information on Gardner’s election reporting, has donated over $1500 to the Gardner campaign and is listed as volunteer/unemployed.


Not only has Ms. Dale donated to the Gardner campaign, but her husband – the letter writer – donated $500 on June 2, 2014 to MS. Gardner’s campaign. The night the letter was printed, Ms. Gardner bragged on Facebook how Jack and Val Dale had a fundraiser/meet and greet at their home for her. There was no sign of Mr. Gray in attendance.


Mr. Gray, on the other hand, has not as of the most recent financial reporting had one red cent provided to him, including in kind from either of the Dales.


Even though Mr. Gray signed an affidavit that he had no intention of raising over $1000, he has. RALE Inc.'s, Steve McKay listed along with others in Monrovia/Ijamsville area. Yes, a large part of his funding is coming from those he made the campaign announcement in front of just prior to county commissioners’ public hearing.


Somehow, no one has asked for an Ethics Board opinion, even after I mapped it out in a previous column


Since Ms. Gardner is using the public schools motto Character Counts as one of her mottos, maybe she can stop being so deceitful in her campaign and find an issue to build on.


Right now, both Mr. Gray and Ms. Gardner are grasping at straws. They don't like Mr. Young's private personality. So what? Some of us remember how bad it was while they were county commissioners.


When Ms. Gardner said she wasn't running, it was because "I can't take it anymore." Of course, that was after the 2011 budget was loaded, due to her mismanagement.


Retraining my brain for the future, conferring with the past....


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