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As Long as We Remember...

June 12, 2014

Verify the Gossip, Innuendo Please

Harry M. Covert

There are so many good things to write about in and around the city and county of Frederick. It is a pleasant challenge to pick and choose topics to beguile, befuddle and hopefully bemuse the smart citizens in all the various jurisdictions.


Such choices get better almost daily. Such freedom is joyful and better than a poke in the eye. The current political season is hale, hearty and close to being a bit odious. The combatants, we call them candidates, are using all of the zeal of water-well witchers, second sighters, clairvoyants, other diviners, or a fire-breathing tent evangelist of the old school.


Can’t help it here, but it is fun to watch from the sidelines. Kool-Aid drinkers of all parties are having a heyday. It can appear to be a bit cackling here. I was smart enough not to wager on California Chrome in the Belmont.


The other day on the local radio afternoon gabfest, a listener was allowed to defame a county executive candidate. Everybody was chuckling on air, the host and caller. It was rather obvious the participants were well acquainted.


It’s my irritation that non-identified political activists can defame, libel and attempt to use gossip and innuendo to debilitate a candidate. In this spot I’m not promoting the candidate. I am condemning the odiousness of the segment. Heck, I like a political fight, but for Heaven’s sake, real names, verified accusations, please.


The adversaries are something else. I’m not sermonizing here, but I do recall a King James comment that reads, “…let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.” I don’t know what the Qur’an says.


There may be no surprise that the June 24 primary will get voters’ attention and give some purported second sighters, clairvoyants and diviners an inside on the November vote.


I don’t put much stock, really no stock at all, in palm readers or fear mongers and UFO believers. There is no 20-20 vision to the future. It is quite evident that “judgment and righteousness” seem to be amiss around these parts. Naturally all of the politics and opinions truly come down to “whose ox is being gored.”


Conspiracy theorists can come up with all sorts of schemes and cockamamie ideas why so-and-so or this commissioner, et al, did this or that. Most of these sorts never want to accept the truth, nor would they recognize it if they saw it.


Letter-writers are enjoying themselves filling up opinion pages and electronic mail comments without identification. These will become stronger and more verbose in the months to come before November.


I’ve always enjoyed the suggestion that the president of “these United States” be allowed to “hang his losing opponent.” This purpose is to stop the gas-bagging and thwarting of the winner’s plans.


Let’s borrow that witticism for Frederick and environs. The new and first county executive could sure use that legal right. There was a chief executive who said that “if the president does it, it’s legal.” Further consideration is required on that one.


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