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As Long as We Remember...

May 30, 2014

Two Karenís

Roy Meachum

The Baltimore Sun ran a story about this clan’s addiction. The reporter Erin Cox wrote,” Politics is, after all, the Young family business.”


When I moved here from Chevy Chase, in the spring 1983, Ron Young sat in the mayor’s office. The first off-spring to come to my attention was son Blaine. He was sitting in Winchester Hall with his mother, Carol – typically awaiting the result of an election. She had something to do with education in Frederick.


Another son – Brad – came up to me all of a sudden, when he was a full-grown adult and contending for some elected office. He made it on the supposedly nonpartisan Board of Education: he contests with the younger brother, Blaine, on politics. Actually, Brad is a past head of the Frederick Community College Board of Trustees, and ditto, the Maryland Association of Community Colleges and Association of Community Colleges Board of Directors. There’s no contest.


Karen Lewis Young I knew initially; she was very pleased I hooked her up with the ex-mayor. She ran for the city council and did so well that she came out with the highest vote of her contenders. So, naturally she ran for the municipal top seat the next time around. Jennifer Dougherty slammed her to the earth, running as an Independent, although actually a Democrat, summoning her strength she had built up for four years.


Ron hung around. I never knew what he was about, something to do with a consultancy of a Western Shore town. Two divorces. He sold real estate for Galen Clagett. He ran for his old job: Jeff Holtzinger triumphed. Voters were not ready for Ron yet. A run for the state Senate? Citizens bought that!


Meanwhile, Blaine ran for city council as a DEMOCRAT!!! Got elected; something about his name in the pages of the Madame’s Black Book. He was married: the name of his wife figured in when I say there are two Karen Young’s in Frederick politics. The two K’s barely tolerate each other, especially when Blaine proclaimed himself as a REPUBLICAN! His father let be known the other party claimed his loyalty; so did Brad. James “Doc” McClellan switched, so did Blaine. Hours in the weekday afternoons, the president of the county commissioners airs his political views.


The Sun story makes the point that if the Democratic Karen and Ron Young get both elected that they would be the only husband-and-wife in Annapolis, splitting the chambers evenly. Of course, it’s hard to believe. Karen came to Frederick to accept a position in the banking industry. She stayed.


The Baltimore newspaper provides zip publicity locally. It ran on Monday; I once got the Sun before they made a corporate decision to not deliver on weekdays in Frederick.


Still we’ll see.


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