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May 23, 2014

Speeches Get Better with Dessert

Harry M. Covert

The tragedy of politics most of the time is listening to candidates worthy of votes. Too often ears are deafened because of pre-conditioned thoughts of party politics.


Even though partisanship is a key to elections and electioneering on all fronts, eavesdropping on the views of contenders is good and commendable in choosing the best.


Campaigning is good and in our devotion to the democratic processes for good government. The latter, quite obviously, is in the eye of the beholder. Most believers figure their interpretations are right and proper.


It used to be candidates and winners were decided in smoke-filled rooms. Today, such judgments are found in the open air, or transparent as modernists like to say. The caddy-wompus’s of objectors like to consider public strikes, parades or gatherings on steps at city halls and courthouses, all with bull horns. That is okay in the political protocols.


From a personal standpoint, one of the best places for dignified orations can be in an eating establishment. There you can kill, pardon the expression, one-, two- or three birds with one stone. In my case, Mike’s blueberry and Russ’s lemon meringue and coconut cream pie top off positive speechifiers and candidates.


A special Friday club, open to one and all, convened. The talkers were exceptional. I was anxious to order and did first.


I felt somewhat guilty crunching on delightful fish-and-chips, but not to the point of stopping the pleasure. The speaker was none other than Charles Lollar, outstanding business man, Marine reserve major, strong family man and candidate for Maryland’s gubernatorial nomination of the Republican persuasion.


Mr. Lollar was impressive. In fact, there were no oohs or ahs, “you sees”, uhs, or “I forget” interjections. He caught my attention that he wanted to end personal income taxes for citizens and then promote bigger and better business for the entire Free State. These were starters.


It was inspiring. This fellow knew what he was talking about. He didn’t just blab or guess what he will do, he expounded about everything important to the “people.” Everybody!


He looked, acted and seemed prepared for the State House chair in Annapolis. He surely made the lunch taste superbly and was confident that progress, no stranger to Frederick, was in the future and will be nothing short of exciting.


Kelly Schulz, incumbent member of the House of Delegates for Frederick, was outstanding, too. She was decisive and reported her good work in the just completed session. She is campaigning for another term to represent Frederick’s District 4A. Why not?


For newcomers, and those who simply don’t know, Frederick was “probably named after Frederick Calvert (1731-1771), sixth and last Earl of Baltimore.” (Note to baseball fans: the Orioles’ fabled field manager Earl Weaver was not a real or true Earl of Baltimore, although it sounds pretty good).


Third speaker of the Friday Club was another distinguished public servant, Paul Smith, member of the Board of County Commissioners and former Frederick City alderman. I learned quickly why he was a respected leaders, attorney and family man. He has contributed with honor for many years. He is a man of service.


Getting to the point, political speakers don’t have to be boring, unpleasant or shouters.


If anything, the recent session was informative, insightful and tasty. No name-calling, just facts. I’m ready for the polls.


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