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November 25, 2003

Gentlemen! Please Observe This Commandment!

John P. Snyder

It was Ronald Reagan, patron saint for the modern day Republican Party, who inferred that the 11th commandment for all Republicans was never to speak ill or unfairly of any Republican.

States Attorney Scott Rolle’s challenge to incumbent Roscoe Bartlett looks to have the calm demeanor of a high school cafeteria food fight. They should read up on how Mr. Reagan challenged Gerald Ford in 1976. Then Mr. Ford accepted the challenged and went about retaining the nomination without resorting to name calling.

At the risk of violating the 11th commandment myself, Congressman Bartlett and his staff need to come down a peg or two. They are sounding the same notes regarding their high minded purposes and casting doubt on anyone else’s ability to serve as some of our liberal friends. This congressional seat doesn't belong to the Bartlett family.

It is not their family business. He can endorse whomever he likes but ultimately the voters have the final say.

We Republicans are free marketers. We trust the arena of ideas and the people’s ability to decide for themselves what is best for the district. A prudent response from the Bartlett camp would have been, "think you can oust us? Go ahead ... make our day".

Instead there has been nothing but righteous indignation, haughty, self importance and reference to Mr. Rolle as a liar from their side.

The 6th district is similar to what golfers call a short putt. It's a gimme. It’s where moderate-conservatives to regular old conservatives outnumber everyone else. As such, voters don't wake up everyday holding their congressman liable for every unhappy circumstance in their lives. It has to be regarded as a great district to serve if you are Republican.

Roscoe Bartlett has always sounded the right notes and voted correctly 99.9% of the time.

He always added an intellectual component which made others feel better about conservative positions. Like anyone else, he could be replaced and life would go on.

Mr. Rolle, for his part, claims to be the real Republican, except when asked to wear a Mooney sticker, which he quietly refused to do. You'd think that a "real Republican" would support another "real Republican" for the circuit court. Not in this case.

He'd rather support a real Democrat, John Cejka, for the Circuit Court position.

Terry Adams was always front and center for Ellen Sauerbrey in 1994. Not Mr. Cejka. He was the chairman of Parris Glendening’s campaign in Frederick County.

Scott Rolle needs to mend some fences within Republican ranks before he calls himself the real Republican.

Let the fun begin; and may the whining and complaining end. Let the voters decide.

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