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May 16, 2014

“Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”

Roy Meachum

The column’s headline has much to do with the president of the Board of County Commissioners. Blaine Young may not be the only politician who’s handed his head on Election Day. November 6 may empty out Winchester Hall. Jan Gardner may be the Democrat that succeeds Mr. Young.


On the other hand, I look for a mixed board. Those five commissioners were only the GOP, easiest to replace; a few thousand votes could brand the panel the other party’s. Not hard to come by.


So far, David Gray has announced that he will be most difficult to pin down. He’s announced as a Republican candidate for county executive. So are Blaine and Jan. Something about Mr. Gray sneaks signals. The other four commissioners stay aloft and not downwind from him. They’re afraid whatever he’s infected by might be catching.


Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, above all, thank the board’s president for getting them elected. It was a shock stemming from the first African American in the White House, which had all the conservatives involved – by action or reaction. I had moved up to Frederick when politics were Southern Democratic, as epitomized by veterinarian “Doc” McClellan.


The “norm” was busted when Republican Anita Stup won the votes. My column called for her victory. Shortly, Dr. McClellan withdrew from county political life. But I digress!


On Tuesday November 6 I believe Jan Gardner may win the county executive seat and all its new powers, which Frederick approved; she will reign without the commissioners on hand. Since Mr. Gray has also filed for the big noise in Winchester Hall, i.e., the newly formed executive.


Charles Smith is safe for state’s attorney and Chuck Jenkins, despite all the negative things about him and his office is also; my nerves don’t get a tingle for not electing him – unless fellow Republican Kevin Grubb can do it. The sheriff’s policies – similar to the guy in Arizona – might prevail, but they’re in legal troubles. Judges are rehearing the cases. Sheriff Joe Arpaio no longer makes headlines.


Above all, I look forward to Blaine Young-less Winchester Hall. Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter will be gone, guilty of mirroring Mr. Young’s tactics. (I’ve known Blaine for some 30 years.)


The Board of Commissioners is guilty of “cruisin’ for a bruisin,’ especially with Montevue/Citizens properties.


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