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As Long as We Remember...

May 9, 2014

Victory Gardens Back in Style

Harry M. Covert

Sometimes answers to important community-minded projects can be too simple and easy. Fund-raising efforts are always going full blast throughout Frederick County. This is good and commendable for providers and recipients. Categories abound.


Ideas flow from all fronts, particularly in the boiling political arena. The coming primary election races offer lots of pros and cons. Cop stories are everywhere and make titillating reading. Staying away from the computer keyboard was not going to happen.


Thinking about all of the dining cuisines was quite appealing.


Well, political enthusiasts, investigating would-be boondoggles, watching Miss Marple tend her flowers in my favorite town, St. Mary Mead, and other chores, there was Ms. Rodgers staring me in the eye. The headline of her Slice of Life story was a bit bland, “Church leader teaches youths about giving.”


As a paid subscriber to the local newspaper, there is no remorse in borrowing Ms. Rodgers’ notion and story. It is a good one. The headline could – or should – be something like this, “Victory Gardens Back in Style.” Or, “Gardens of Eden?”


The story is this. The Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church in Urbana has its youth group planting a vegetable garden adjacent to the church building. How good is that? This is comparable to 4H organizations, or others who annually grow their own vegetables.


How easy it could be for other churches and their young people, their middle-age members, and seniors’ talent to provide the fresh home grown tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, radishes, lettuce, green pepper, green tomatoes, green beans and other tasty morsels. Maybe even soft shell crabs? Oops. I have to leave that to the baiters, even those known “fishers of men and women.” No sermon intended here.


Lots of homes have plenty of room for gardens. I know of at least one outstanding dining establishment which grows its own vegetables. There are probably others. but the young people at Wesley Chapel have a good thing going. Not only will they learn the joy of gardening, they can be leaders is feeding the hungry and homeless. Think about homegrown tomatoes, homemade biscuits and mayonnaise. There’s nothing better with some iced tea made from tea bags or loose tea.


Many locals may remember those days when Victory Gardens helped feed war-ragged people, at home and aboard. I read about them.


Several international relief agencies, to which I am involved, provide lots of vegetable seeds and implements to teach Third World people how to garden and to feed themselves. They even provide milk cows. Milk is for families and markets for some income.


Surely, farmers’ markets are around the county and make popular shopping. The idea of church gardens is worth promoting. Food banks will benefit greatly as will every gardener.


Bethany Rodgers, Sherry Wilcox and the News-Post: Good writer, good gardener and good reading in that order.


So, next week here, more politics, opinions and fun and games. Remember, “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with your diligence, baffle ‘em with your bull.”


Please pass the biscuits and mashed potatoes.


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