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May 9, 2014

The Scientific Dumbing Down of America

Joe Charlebois

Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) is the proper name given to the theory that man is the cause for any increase in global temperatures since the start of the industrial revolution. It is neither fact, nor is it “settled science.”


I should state that as a “leave no trace” outdoorsman who likes to take advantage of the streams in Pennsylvania and Maryland for fishing and camping, and on occasion taking to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay for a day of sailing, I treasure all that nature has to offer. That being said I don’t think that draining $1 billion per day (2013) from the economies of the world is going to affect the climate in any positive or negative way.


Obviously this is a divisive topic and those at the forefront of believing that man is the main culprit for any global warming are too deeply invested in seeing that nothing happens to destroy their monetary gravy train. Those who disagree, or those who aren’t sure of man’s impact if any on global warming, are viewed by the alarmists as anti-science or “flat-earth” types.


Five years ago I wrote about the potential damage that passage of “Cap and Trade” would have on the society and the economy. I thought fit to include a portion of it as a reminder of the basis of the global warming “facts.”


“According to most reputable sources, the last 100 years have seen an increase in global temperatures of 0.8 degrees Celsius. Even with the most sophisticated tools at our disposal, and the use of ice core sampling, we can't accurately know what the mean temperature of the earth was prior to the 1900s. How can we definitively state where we are in the earth's climate cycle?


The temperature data that was collected early on in the last century is based on information collected from buckets of water pulled from the sea and measured with handheld thermometers. This method differs greatly from the extremely accurate satellite measurements taken today. Only going forward can we measure temperature changes "apples to apples."


In the 1930s when only two billion humans roamed the earth, we realized the warmest temperatures on record. That record is based on the temperature readings that have been taken over the past 100 years. This past century represents 100 years of a possible 4.5 billion years in which "accurate" measurements are compared. How can we possibly be so arrogant as to know that we – the human race – can be responsible for global warming/climate change? We can't possibly know what effect we have caused, if any, especially in the 1930s.


What the activists also leave out is the fact that increased solar activity causes increases in temperatures. They also leave out the fact that warming oceans can be caused by increasing volcanic activity.


What is interesting is the fact that over the past decade there has been a mean decrease in the temperature. How did that occur? One can only guess. But, due to the last decade's trend of cooler temperatures, the manmade global warming activists realized they needed to change focus. They consulted their strategists and pollsters and realized that changing the term to 'climate change' would be more conducive to their end goal.”


With global warming becoming climate change, every possible event can now be labeled as a result of climate change even if it isn’t sound science. Whether it is high temperatures or blizzards; hurricane or drought, it all gets blamed on man’s use of fossil fuels. Even though dangerous tornadoes have decreased in the last few decades and the incidence of major hurricanes are fewer in the last half-century by 30% than the previous 50 years, it doesn’t matter.


Those who are invested in pushing their agenda will continue to mislead the public. For example, when President Barack Obama was in California earlier this year to deliver aid to the drought stricken areas of California, he used the occasion to blame man-made climate change for the drought even though scientists agree that global warming would actually bring relief to that particular area of California – not drought.


Those who claim the title of scientist and make the statement that “science is settled” must have forgotten to take history in college. It once was thought the sun revolved around the earth.


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