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As Long as We Remember...

April 25, 2014

Biggest, Baddest, Local Option

Harry M. Covert

Just what are the issues, the real and true ones, facing residents of Frederick County’s many jurisdictions? Everybody has a pet one most assuredly, but sometimes it is rather difficult to figure out the biggest, the baddest and the most beneficial to one and all.


It can be intriguing to consider all the would-be issues as proposed by those campaigning for the coming plebiscite in the partisan primaries.


At present, in this corner, all seems quiet on the vote-getting fronts. There is some gurgling in communities, but nothing earth-shattering at the moment.


While the fantods may be groping some activists, some wrath may come to the fore and make things interesting. People have to get mad once in a while and “not take it anymore.”


In these parts among hot buttons is the issue of concealed carry gun permits for the honest and “pure at hearts.” The Free State is a bit out of touch with the issue even though surrounding federations, members of the original 13, honor their citizens with what is their certified, bonafide and constitutional guarantee.


Alleged progressives and scaredy cats like to run around attempting to drive other thinkers into submission, like they don’t have any sense.


Since all try to abide by the words of nine black-robed, non-elected deciders of what is right and what is wrong, some Marylanders have decided to avoid acceptance of the federalists’ ruling.


Remember when a Baltimore federal judge said it was okay to carry side arms? Of course a fellow beating the bushes for the governor’s job decided he didn’t agree with the decision. This is in spite of the law-breaking which continues to run rampant in Baltimore. How easy it is to point out that the more “tolerant” political figures are deluded into thinking shootings, murders, stabbings, robberies and domestic violence will just vanish. Not so, of course.


No one wants unsafe schools, streets or state-wide communities.


If the Supreme Court, federal judges, the single action six-shooter society and numerous gun enthusiasts abide by the law and enjoy legal shooting targets and not people, why can’t the good people have a gun – revolver or automatic – in their cars and rifles hanging in their pickups?


Georgia’s governor didn’t hesitate this week signing into law that his lieges can carry concealed anywhere. They can also open carry.


If the liberal do-gooders, who overwhelm the lawmakers in Annapolis, still want to prevent people from their proper private and public pursuits, there is a solution to such dilettantes.


First, it is extremely unpleasant for legal carriers to pass through Maryland. They are good and honorable people, but once they enter Maryland roads they have to stop, remove guns from their holsters and glove compartments, separate the ammo and hide ‘em in the trunk. This is inconvenient and unconstitutional.


The answer is easy.


If state senators and delegates insist on the continuation of rampant crime in their favorite city and rebuff the will of good people, why not allow every city and county to decide themselves? Recall local option when people could be wets or drys? Now it should be free and easy.


Not every city and town in these parts think and live in the styles of ne’er do wells elsewhere.


Why shouldn’t every locale pick and choose? Consider that the natives select town and county councils, school boards, judges and other leaders. The people are smart enough to choose good over bad.


Certainly suggestions to secede from the state by some western counties are banal and unwise. Such will continue to be talked about when other frustrating and disagreeable issues arise.


The state legislature might be a bit surprised if they dare allow localities to choose to carry concealed weapons, specifically handguns. At least give them a chance to vote on the issue.


How to push and prod? Where to find the tangible and exciting issues? The issues are not stimulating at this point as the primary date comes closer. Time to fire up the grills, go fishing or wait for some thought-provoking.


Angling sounds pretty good now. Never know what the catch will be.


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