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April 17, 2014

Rabble, Babble and Frederick’s Issues

Harry M. Covert

In the land of the free and home of the brave what is more fun than keeping abreast of the nefarious activities under way in the “republic” of Frederick, both city and county.


This is not about the rabble kicking around on the political front where babble is moving into high gear and those in the know are testing guesses and predictions along with hopeful expectations of the outcomes for county executive, county council, school board and the primaries.


No doubt personalities involved this summer will make the vote counting, while extremely serious, quite a time of amusement, seriousness and “I told you so’s” far and wide.


The unflagging diligence of incumbents, challengers and newcomers make all of the issues, both alleged and real, interesting to follow to the end. All of the rhetoric written and verbal about whys and wherefores of certain individuals make campaigning meaningful exercises.


The young and newly registered in the democratic process will be receiving first-hand educations. Then the conditioned and opinionated taxpaying veterans without a doubt know what’s best for all and won’t be shy setting everybody straight.


It may be a bit too early for this correspondent to publicly take sides. Of course, it is spiteful to believe everyone is “entitled to my opinion.” That day will come.


Before considering particular candidates’ worthiness, there’s still time to be concerned about the city’s allowing dilapidated buildings to ruin the magnificent downtown where people dine and shine in large numbers.


In the county it was nice to read where lame duck commissioners agreed to take $550,000 in state funds to repair potholes. That should not have been a difficult decision. Anytime the state offers such legal tender, take it before someone decides to use it elsewhere, specifically in the slummy sections of Baltimore where crime is rife and education is almost nil and not Frederick’s fault.


Enough slurring of Charm City.


It is rather easy to talk about issues with county- and state-wide roots. The political wizards could get involved more so on crime. This means in a combative manner, not physical confrontations mind you, but in recognizing illegal and dangerous conduct. The latter does exist.


Without contradiction, it is not the fault of any law enforcement jurisdiction that murder and mayhem occurs in public and private accommodations. There’s no need for innocuous banalities here.


Such personages as Courtney Mabeus, Danielle E. Gaines and Cara B. Anthony, and others, stay busy “journalizing” illegal activities in the city and county. Their reports make interesting reading and leave many readers scratching their heads thinking “does this stuff really go on in my neighborhood?”


Why don’t those in elected positions, and the wannabe newcomers, jump in the race and talk about real and true issues?


Consider the following, just this week alone:


·       A 26-year-old woman charged with setting her boyfriend’s clothes on fire, first and second degree arson, second degree reckless endangerment , second degree malicious burning.


·       A West Virginia man and Brunswick woman charged with assault, fighting outside a Moose Lodge.


·       A 34-year-old Reisterstown man nabbed by sheriff’s deputy with two Kel-Tec guns, two Glocks, a Smith & Wesson and two rifles. Two of the guns were loaded with one lying in the front seat. Oh, yes, the deputy found $30,000 in cash and numerous rounds of ammunition.


·       Frederick police charged a 23-year-old Rocky Ridge woman, helping five others in connection with a January kidnapping that led police on a wild car chase.


·       Finally, sheriff’s deputies arrested a Hagerstown woman and a Waynesboro, PA, man with possession of heroin on I-70 near Maryland Route 85.


Now, friends and gentle readers, what are the correct major issues activists should be discussing? All is not sweet and nice as good citizens believe or want it to be.


Think about the challenges. Do public advocates care?


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