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April 15, 2014

The Nerve of Michael Hough

Roy Meachum

That headline is incomplete; it should show the elected official’s title. He will not be a delegate after the November voting. Instead, he’s chosen to take on State Sen. David Brinkley, speaking of a titmouse challenging a lion.


Michael Hough came out of the rough three and a half years ago; it turns out he was working for State Sen. Alex Mooney. He ingests the same kind of politics. I had heard the older politician had a job in his pocket, shilling for a right-wing organization. Mr. Hough had no such position.


Anyway, Mr. Mooney was defeated in 2010 by Ron Young, the longtime mayor of Frederick. Jennifer Dougherty ran a “spoiler” race the last time city ballots were counted, in the municipal elections of 2013. The declared Democrats – Karen Lewis Young and Galen Clagett – who contended with each other for the top office in City Hall, lost.


Ms. Dougherty ran in the general election; she, of course, took Democrats away from Ms. Young, who was the winner of the primary. The GOP incumbent had little trouble holding onto the position; Randy McClement was elected for four more years and he seemed happy with the victory. And should have been, based on the knowledge of the Democrats out-registering Republicans within the city.


Michael Hough is cruising for a bruising, taking on David Brinkley, the senior politician whom I remember from the funeral of State Sen. Charles Smelser. Never mind the political debts he’s paid, David operates from territory that he secured. Mr. Hough is in the property that Senator Mooney made relatively safe. Whatever that means: Considering Ron Young’s triumph four years since.


Of course, I wish Michael Hough ill. I’ve made no secret of my feelings for Mr. Brinkley. He’s a conservative that I see going all the way. The state of Maryland forbids his further ambition. Anyway, I persist in my feeling.


Added by a cut of my wrist, what nerve he has challenging state Sen. David Brinkley!


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