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As Long as We Remember...

April 8, 2014

Which Laws Should Be Ignored?

Harry M. Covert

The day must be on the horizon when Maryland's elected savants, the ones mostly on the left side of any questionable sense, will decide which criminal laws are to be ignored.


Will unpopular laws be "asterisked" so the men and women bearing the burdens of public safety will always make the “right” arrests, tickets and summonses?


Sure seems like a bunch of political virtuosos intimate that day may be coming and quicker than we may think.


This all comes about after the Democratic Sen. Victor R. Ramirez led a losing battle in the Maryland Senate chamber to increase the salary of Frederick County's sheriff.


I didn't mention the senator’s name nor Sheriff Chuck Jenkins' handle in a similar column last Friday. The salary increase is now on the desk of the governor. If he has any regard for law enforcement in Frederick County, or any other similar office in the state, he will sign it.


It rankles me a great deal that Senator Ramirez condemns the local sheriff for enforcing immigration laws.


The 40-year-old legislator was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, seems more interested in Central American immigrants than native born U. S. citizens. He has had the benefit of education in Maryland schools and colleges and practices law. He represents State Senate District 47 in Prince George's County.


As one of his colleagues mentioned, the federal law on immigration must be changed before Maryland sheriffs and police of all strata must consider ignoring crimes from illegal immigrants, no matter where they were born.


Sheriff Jenkins and his team do enforce the laws. They may well be unpopular, but facts remain that federal Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) officials like the public safety being offered throughout the county.


The Frederick County Sheriff's Office has "facilitated the removal of more than 50 transnational criminal gang members from county streets. These illegals, the proper term whether it is liked or not, are bad, bad boys. They've inundated the area, and surrounding jurisdictions, raping, robbing, viciously murdering and, this is not pleasant, forcing school girls into prostitution. In the latter category, any young girl who refuses suffers with disfiguring facial cuts and even having arms severed.


In Frederick County alone, ICE, through the work of local deputies, has battled gang members of MS 13, The Latin Kings and the Mexican Mafia.


None of these vicious gang members are church goers or attend Sunday Schools. They are dangerous and should not be lurking around county citizens.


Senator Ramirez ought to be saying "thank you sheriff" for making Frederick County and Maryland just a little safer.


The murder rate and assaults on police continue to increase since the recent column. Friday night past two more murders were recorded in Prince George's County. The local police had to shoot in self-defense and killed several. This is not pleasant; certainly nothing of which to be proud.


The issue should not be a partisan one.


A 20-year-old Colombian, who resided in New Market, was arrested by Fredrick County sheriff's deputies on Dec. 6, 2012, on child exploitation related charges. The latter was a nine-year-old girl.


In Frederick County Circuit Court on May 20, 2013, he was sentenced to prison for 30 years for sex abuse of a minor. Judge G. Edward Dwyer Jr., suspended all but 18 months.


On March 31, Robert Alexis Saldarriaga-Yepes was returned to Colombia by ICE and ERO (Enforcement and Removal Operations) as an aggravated felon.


Should this law not be enforced? Should heads turn away from such a crime?


Saldarriaga-Yepes was returned to Bogota, aboard an ICE Air Operations charter flight and turned over to Colombian law enforcement authorities.


"This child predator will not be on Frederick County streets victimizing our children," Sheriff Jenkins said. "Without the 287 (g) program, he would have been released back on our streets."


Before consideration is given to which law to ignore, the public safety partnership between Frederick County and ICE is vital and valuable. Last year alone ICE removed 368,644 illegals nationwide. Nearly 60 percent of ICE removals had been convicted of criminal offenses; 82 percent were removed from the interior of the U.S. for criminal activity.


Next time there's a Frederick County murder, maybe victims should call Senator Ramirez. Maybe the county should welcome some of the remaining MS13 sweethearts, those who aren't enjoying accommodations in federal penitentiaries. They are not houses of correction by any stretch of the imagination. That’s where they belong.


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