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April 4, 2014

Martin & Me

Roy Meachum

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley met me one time; he was still mayor of Baltimore. He rode in a very dark limousine. It was in the evening; I couldn’t tell the color. Above all, the shade was far removed from Kelly green: his favorite hue.


Martin O’Malley, cut and drawn, is the closest we come to the 19th Century Irish politician. First generation away from the old sod or native-born, many professions were barred to them; the way to the top was becoming elected. Their numerous cousins would vote for them.


Italians were faithful allies. They shared Roman Catholicism and were equally slandered because of their joint religion. The United States was the site that saw the beginnings of the Native American Party, whose members answered they “know nothing” about the new organization. (During the Civil War, a Capitol Hill dignity claimed that Georgetown’s guns were so placed that wreak havoc with Washington, D.C. I attended the Jesuits briefly within 100 years that statement was pronounced.)


On the other hand, Martin O’Malley disobeyed the Maryland Cardinal-Archbishop Edwin O’Brien on the subject of same-sex marriage, communicated three days before. He made a reply: “I don’t presume, nor would I ever presume as Governor, to question or infringe upon your freedom to define, to preach about, and to administer the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. But on the public issue of granting equal civil marital rights to same-sex couples, you and I disagree.”


Presumably, he was supported by his wife, Katherine “Katie” O’Malley, nee-Curran; her father Joe was attorney general of Maryland when I first wrote a column. He declined to run in 2006, the same year his son-in-law received the election for governor.


Now Martin O’Malley faces the conundrum. His path to the White House is barred by the former first lady in Washington, a New York senator and secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton. There’s also muttering among Democrats and the party who shares Capitol Hill. (The last time we heard from Republicans they were questioning, despite the written records, the numbers who had signed up for Obamacare.)


Ms. Clinton has all the numbers, despite the GOP claims. She has learned the lessons well. For example, the sexual incident that Bill participated in; Hillary performed so well. Now, all trends point to her as president.


The question now is whether or not the Maryland man has caught the gaze of the national politicians, and are they willing to ordain him as vice president on the Democratic ticket? All the Irishman can do is wait. Not behind the walls of the governor’s office, but out in open, willing to take the harsh words and bad-natured rumors.


Martin Joseph O’Malley owes this to the Maryland voters.


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