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April 1, 2014

Largesse of Lirpa Loof

Harry M. Covert

On this meretricious day, not a national holiday by the way, practical jokes and hoaxes are often played on friends, enemies and most particularly politicians.


All the good people quite frequently are recipients of Lirpa Loof’s largesse, which some compare with pickpockets or muggers or simply legalized banditry.


As an aside, along these same lines the reminder here is that 14 days remain to the deadline of pay day, pay to the federal government, our loyal friends and neighbors who continue to think we’re the ones who have to constantly straighten out the ugly and evil world out there.


There are lots of vociferous opinions on the matter of food stamps, nicely called Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP for short.


Now, let’s consider the foolish savants (redundant undoubtedly) on duty in the alleged Hallowed Halls on East Capitol Street, North East in the Federal City.


The electeds keep telling us about the financial stresses of the federal government, how much in trouble are all these federal services, highway funds, education dollars, military shortages, ad infinitum and to ease the pain, of our own hungry people must be sliced, that medical costs and drugs, the legally prescribed prescriptions, are breaking the treasury.


Somehow on this day the joke is on every citizen, most assuredly taxpayers. The lame duck commander-in-chief has ruled circumambiently that military-industrial complex must be whacked and whacked.


This is no wheeze or hallucination, gentle reader. Neither is the action an altruistic decision.


The leaders chosen to lead the “most powerful nation on earth” seem to either have insomnia, amnesia or a bad case of indigestion.


Let’s see. In the Ukraine, attempting to talk the foes to death, Washington has guaranteed $1 billion to help out the country. The former Russian province, or property, or something is trying to fight off the Putin initiative. He’s grabbed Crimea.


The fighting still rages in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central Africa Republic, and eruptions ongoing in North Korea, Egypt and all sorts of other places. Who is the world’s savior?


Every time the jets on Air Force One and/or Two, taxpayers cough up in the neighborhood of $80,000 plus. Every time Congress members, in the House and Senate, decide to visit hot spots, they don’t travel commercially, unless the Air Force is now considered public transportation.


Consider just how much the nation is spending through the Navy trying to find “flinders” of the ill-fated Malaysian flight? The cost will be staggering.


Of course, the ballyhoo from all politicians in all levels is banging away at jobs, jobs and jobs. Nice, of course. How often can the populace be fooled? Apparently many more days and times.


No doubt many Marylanders and all Americans may have caught on to the obfuscations and deviltries of the entire lot. This causes great suffering from the willies.


It is a good thing to wave the flag, the American flag that is, to celebrate all patriotic anniversaries, but isn’t it about time to stop giving free passes to those calling the shots in the Capitol?


An old friend started the Lirpa Loof stories. This is the day of April Fool and should not be confused with all the hopefully happy days to come.


Sometimes it is a fearful thing to try to sleep, not knowing what cockamamie scheme will arise from the wizards from Washington, not the basketball team.


Thinking about tightening personal budgets? Well, ponder the $50 million penalty the University of Maryland has to pay the Atlantic Coast Conference to have its sports team to play in the Big 10? Seems like $50 million is a lot of loot and all we’re still hearing is jobs, jobs and jobs.


This philippic may well be on the first of April. However, it is no joke – except on the unsuspecting.


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