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As Long as We Remember...

November 14, 2003

A Plea To Stay Put!

Bethany Stevenson

Every time the newspaper comes, County Commissioner President John L. Thompson, Jr., has his name in the headlines somewhere in the first three pages.

Is his goal to get his name so well known that at some future event we cannot forget it? Or is he just such a troublemaker that the detention slip of the Frederick News Post is listing his deeds?

After the last election, most Republicans, and some Democrats, were glad to see a take charge man in the president's seat, for that is what he is, albeit a little on the out-spoken and even occasionally rash side.

However, it wasn't long before supporters soon started turning to neutral sides, due to that rashness on some issues.

Although only a few can say they have actually turned against him since his rise in power, it has been good to see that those who work with him at the commissioner table try to help keep him in line with a bit a humor as he begins to hit his rasher side these days.

But when issues come up to the commission, President Thompson's name seems always to be in the headline. When two commissioners are at odds, he is one of them.

Now the kicker is when ever there is what appears to be a better political-move opening, he's on it likes ants at a picnic. He applies. It's in the paper. He is told he is unqualified. It's in the paper. He tries to go around the back door to get in. It's in the paper. He is rejected. It's in the paper. He seeks inside info on how he can become qualified. It's in the paper.

Is he not happy serving the people of Frederick County as a county commissioner? Is he not happy with the press he receives? He is wiling to end his term early so he can move to bigger and better things?

That is not why the people of Frederick County elected him. They elected him to fulfill his term as county commissioner. They elected him to put all his eggs into the basket of doing his work for the people, not the basket of furthering his own political career, no matter how unqualified he may be. All the time and research he has been putting into political avenues for self could have been put into solving the time and money issues with the schools, growth issues, and even, heaven forbid, managing rashness in meetings.

So, President Thompson, we, the people of Frederick County, implore you, use some of that ingenuity that you have used to try and get your name more prominent in political circles on fixing problems in Frederick County and planning ahead for future problems. Plan on finishing your term with us. Don't throw in the towel early for a "better opportunity," and think before you get another detention slip from the Frederick News Post for that rashness of yours.

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