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March 25, 2014


Roy Meachum

My years have encompassed the argument about drug laws. I remember a U.S. Army film about marijuana – hard not to; it provided nothing good about Mary Jane – also called hemp. Now the Maryland Senate in the current session voted 36-8 to legalize the noble weed.


As to where I stand, I belong to the generation when booze was made legal; that happened on December 5, 1933, when Utah, the state of Mormons, ratified the new rule. I was five years-old. I remember adults staggering about.


The trading for booze took long years. I can provide horror stories that had to do with a cousin who burned his hand to quench his taste for “moonshine.” Yet, according to my noodle, it never made sense to ban drugs – under specific conditions and the right circumstances.


That made no sense, considering my Army service overseas. We reached the majority at 18 – at that age anything goes. I mean anything! Growing up in New Orleans, the gate was wider. I woke up many times in strange houses. Who I wound up with is none of your business. They were always females, American or not.


The Frederick News-Post I read daily. Those arrested are not foreign to me. I was once the statistic: caught driving while drinking. Drugging can’t be much different. I’m not a candidate for marijuana or something artificial – there are lots of naturals around.


The latest narcotic, according to the paper, is heroin. God forbid I get into that. But above all, I’m 85. Too old for that, or anything. I gave up drinking only five years ago. Drugs would be a total experience. Booze I can handle – at least I think so.


But, of course, as you can point out I’ve hidden myself from all forms of liquors and beer; I used to enjoy wine. No more. If there’s anything that taunts me, it’s Shiraz!!! Properly dry and waiting for a palate. Drinking wine is okay for you and me.


Tennessee, Georgia and West Virginia have a chance to pass something; their general assembly sessions are meeting now. Of course, the last session – one year ago – the senate passed the measure. The lower house did not.


Delegates – like Kathy Afzali – sat on their romps.


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