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March 24, 2014

“Free at last”…Not So Much

Cindy A. Rose

If you think you are a Born Free American, think again. Newspapers and social media from across the states are reporting you are anything but “free.”


We’ll start with my own personal experiences with Frederick County Public Schools saying I could not refuse to allow my child to participate in the Maryland State Assessments. As it turns out, I can. Once Frederick County Public Schools received their court papers from my suit, they agreed with me.


A March 20, 2014, Chicago Sun-Times report: Parents, livid over Chicago Public Schools investigators questioning children over Illinois State Assessment Tests boycott, reported Child Protective Services are actually going into schools and questioning children over their refusal to take the tests. Not only is this causing anxiety in the children, but it’s freaking out the parents who believed they still had rights as free people. Apparently, they were wrong. It appears the “state” can do whatever it wants and you have to live with it.


In a Towson, Maryland, March 2014 incident involving police and a bystander, the police officer didn’t like the fact someone was videotaping the event. He approached the videographer, who expressed his right to record the incident, and upon doing so the officer told him “You have no rights.” Heat of the moment, or a moment of honesty?


I tried to find a local news source for the story on the Towson police officer, but the first two pages of searching were devoid of links from say, The Baltimore Sun or Gazette. I’d find that odd if not for the fact I lost faith in traditional media to provide me with “news.” It’s too busy covering up and/or propping up their favored of the ruling classes. After all, they don’t want the heavy hand of government coming down on them.


If not for social media, I believe we would be much worse off. But not to worry because the Obama Administration is going to turn over control of the Internet to sources I’m sure will have our best interests at heart. I bet China would like a stab at running things after all, Internet freedom is going so well in China.


What irony. The one thing the federal government can do right, it doesn’t want to. It’s that exceptionalism thing; Barack Obama doesn’t like that America is exceptional.


The Internal Revenue Service is targeting for intimidation groups looking to obtain 501(c) 3 status. When your government targets you, and covers it up, you are no longer living in a society of Born Free Americans.


From local jurisdictions to state and federal government, Americans are increasingly becoming subjects and suspects of their governments.


When your legislators are comfortable taking their noon nap in front of you, they no longer regard you as a constituent, let alone an equal. You are someone to be dictated to. In Maryland, we know this all too well.


From Boards of Education minimizing transparency by discontinuing the video taping of work sessions, to state governments stopping traffic, demanding Born Free American’s “pop the trunk” at the end of gun, to the fact every American born today must purchase Obamacare, do you really want to continue down this road?


Your schools are teaching you pride is criminal and being exceptional makes you a racist, bigot and/or a bully. So you sit back and accept your confinement. Don’t kid yourself; you are not the master of your own destiny. Bill Gates is going to design your future for you. At every turn, you are being nudged toward approved behaviors.


Did you really “choose” diet cola; skim milk; transfat-free Oreos, or low calorie, low fat pizza? Come on – you were convinced by others you wanted those things. Fat free food SUCKS! If you are honest with yourself, you know you consume it because someone else convinced you that you should. Is there a benefit? Only if you have no self-control.


For heaven’s sake, the government convinced you that $15 light bulbs were better for you than $.50 light bulbs and that rain in Frederick County is more toxic to the Chesapeake Bay than rain in nine other counties that sit right on the Bay. Are you really that stupid?


When we morons talk about “taking government back” – THAT is what we are trying to take it back from. How about you put down your Soy Latte long enough to join those of us working our fingers to the bone holding on to what little freedoms we have left.


Together we can return to the status of “Born Free American.”


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