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March 11, 2014

U.S. Bluff

Roy Meachum

You must consider every American official is engaging bluff when talking about Crimea. As long ago as the time of Catherine the Great, the peninsula has been Russian – since the early 19th Century.


A generation ago, in the effort to break apart the communist giant, we agreed Crimea should be a part of Ukraine, headquarters in Kiev; this ancient city must have considered this a joke. Moscow announced 30,000 troops present last Saturday in Simferopol and its environs; on Saturday the Russian capital said it would annex Crimea.


This will put the world in order.


Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry makes pleasing sounds. In fact, the uniformed batches of armed men carry no insignia at all; they are presumed to be Russians. But Vladimir Putin carries the right of self-denial by revealing the uniforms; the Russian president plays a case of whether they are or are not.


Saturday night the Kremlin announced it would annex Crimea, which came into existence because of Moscow: the need for a warm port within hailing distance. With St. Petersburg far distant to the north, there was no need for the Black Sea berth. Reporting said there was not much so far to the south.


The crisis was set forth on the failure of the pro-Russian Victor Yanukovych on February 21 to rally the Ukrainian adherents around him. They sent him into exile – with no guarantee where he would land. He was an embarrassment to Moscow. It would be fascinating where he stands after. But Mr. Yanukovych, despite the Putin’s recommendations, looks out!


Meanwhile, the situation from the outside doesn’t look transparent; part of this is the unknown soldiers. I can imagine State Department Foggy Bottom’s offices that are in turmoil. This is the opposite of everything clear and straight-forward. It enables President Putin to hide behind a comma.


Anyway, this is opposite of President Barack Obama’s intentions; pulling a bramble to confuse the world. This confusion will last as long as Russians want. At any rate, this is scarcely not a slice of American pie, with ice cream or not.


We are in reactive process, no good for straight-shooters. The best thing in the situation is to drop out. Keep the peace. Say nothing that might be confused. Make sure the Russians don’t nab Ukraine. They have decided they want to go with the West.


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