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February 28, 2014

The Era of the Independent American Woman is Over!

Joe Charlebois

If one were to add a title to interviews done on ABC’s The View, then Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Barbara Walter’s couch would be entitled “The era of the independent American woman is over!”


Mr. Biden stated that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will offer an opportunity for single mothers to stay home with their children instead of working a “dead-end job.” What it will do is enslave a new generation of women to the chains of dependency.


For the past five decades, women have been continually making inroads in what – up until that point – was a man’s world. Of course, the idea of success may be defined in many different ways. There are many women who would define success as running a household as efficiently as they can. Some have put off starting families to concentrate on climbing the ranks of corporate America and broken through the “glass ceiling.” Still others – the Super Moms – have had success, having it all.


According to the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), there are now 8.6 million firms owned by women in the United States. In fact outside large publically-owned corporations, women owned businesses are the only sector that has seen growth in the last six years.


In corporate America, the Fortune 500 list reveals that there were a record 20 women CEOs counted among their ranks. These companies that are led by women include General Motors, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard and IBM among several others.


Mr. Biden, as well as many on the left, believes that only through government intervention can there be freedom. He believes that the ACA will unchain many in the workforce that feel that they are locked into their jobs just to maintain the health benefits provided by their employers. The women that Mr. Biden implores to stay home and raise their children – in lieu of maintaining a job with benefits – are single mothers. These ways of thinking undercut the long held belief that strong women – who are doing it all – should seek the “freedom” from responsibility and accept the government largess without guilt.


The not-so-secret secret is the fact that women lag behind men in the workforce in part due to the fact that they do leave the workforce at a much greater rate than men do to put their careers on hold to care for their families.


Encouraging independent working women to leave the workforce will put even more women in perpetual catch-up in relation to their male counterparts. If the vice president thinks that having productive women in society leave the workforce, become dependent on government is offering them freedom, he couldn’t be more misinformed. Once one gets caught in the need for government subsidies or payment, it is entirely possible they will never escape. This poverty trap is such that as one re-enters the workforce the benefits are reduced concurrent with a rise in their income. Simply put – outside the self-satisfaction that one gets from holding a job – there is no incentive to work.


Sadly statements such as Mr. Biden’s are nothing short of a marketing ploy by the Obama Administration to shore up the failing launch of Obamacare. In order for the exchanges to work actuarially, there is a need for millions more young Americans to sign onto the healthcare exchanges. Young Americans are needed to pay premiums well above the benefits that they will extract while the older generation will depend on those premiums as they will be the greatest beneficiaries.


For an administration that calls for an end to the “War on Women,” they should stop their efforts to create an even larger permanent underclass of single mothers who remain dependent on the subsidies paid for by the American taxpayers and distributed by the “compassionate” ruling class.



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