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February 27, 2014

Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Climate Change and Common Core

Patricia A. Kelly

In more simple English, this headline means catastrophic climate change caused by human activity. Charles Krauthammer, writing in last Saturday’s Frederick News-Post, almost stole my thunder on this subject, except for one thing. In an otherwise excellent column, he said he doesn’t believe in climate change.


Over the many centuries since the world began, there have been repeated cycles of warming and cooling on the earth. Remember the dinosaurs? It got too cold for them. That’s climate change.


Until recently, when temperatures began to cool, in the political world, it was called global warming. Now it’s climate change, and, in spite of the politics, there’s no question that it exists.


Secretary of State John Kerry recently stated, on his global “let’s prevent climate change” tour, that anyone who doesn’t believe in it is a fool. What he was referring to is catastrophic climate change caused by man.


The truth is that there is no real evidence that this even exists, or that man’s activity has caused climate change at all. If you look at graphs of climate change over the centuries, the present variations appear to be part of the normal cycle. It’s just that scientists, possibly concerned about the effects of pollution, have created computer models with projections of what they think could happen, and some seem to have confused these created models with reality.


That doesn’t mean our footprint hasn’t been felt in the world. The ozone layer has been shrinking. In New Zealand there is a greatly increased risk of skin cancer. Resources, such as rain forests, water and some energy sources have definitely been depleted. Plants and animals have disappeared, something which happens during natural cycles, but which, in some cases, can certainly be attributed to the actions of man.


Mountains of trash, preserved indefinitely in landfills, have been created by man, along, for example, with air pollution and disgusting trash along streets and rivers.


So, interestingly, according to Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild, we are being set up for a huge takeover of our lives by government. If people really believe they are at risk of a catastrophic climate change, and that changes in their behavior can prevent it, their lives can be completely controlled by the government, the “benign” power that says it knows what’s going on and how to fix it.


What this can mean for you is outside the control of everything from how you may heat your home to what kind of car you may drive.


And we’re kind of easy to convince, as we know in our hearts that we occasionally throw an aluminum can into the trash instead of the recycling bin.


Common Core, the new federal takeover of our school system, will be teaching that catastrophic anthropomorphic climate change, this unproven computer model, is the truth, so soon your children will believe it. They, having been educated in this new federal system, this new unconstitutional federal system that is pretending not to be federal, will expect and accept being controlled.


Takes us right back to Lenin and his quote: “Give me your children for four years, and I will have them for life.”


This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking much better care of our world.


It’s our home, and we definitely do mess it up. So, let’s take what steps we can in the direction of reasonable sustainability, reducing our personal impact, and supporting decreased pollution. This does not mean building windmills in the Atlantic Ocean, spending untold billions to make weird noises and scare the fish while doing nothing to change climate cycles.


The problem in our world is the movement to allow government to control our lives as a result of unproven views that changes in man’s behavior can impact climate change.


Some scientists have wanted to believe in man’s impact on climate so much that they fudged data. Studies that show how little proof there is of theories regarding man’s impact are not publicized.


So, next time someone starts preaching about climate change, ask them whether they mean the world’s normal climate change cycle or mankind-induced catastrophe. If it’s the latter, don’t be sucked in. Yes, we pollute and it’s unconscionable for us to make such a mess of our beautiful earth, but there’s no evidence we’re making it hotter or colder. It’s all unproven theory.


And step up to the plate to get this out of our children’s upcoming science curriculum as part of Common Core.


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