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January 17, 2014

Listen to the Medical Experts

Harry M. Covert

For over two decades, I've listened intently to the medical advice of the same physician, a superb boater and triage man first class. One time I ignored his words, "get a flu shot." Now that was dumb. He didn't say "I told you so," but he should have.


From the end of December to just a few days ago, I could only lay in bed with severe headache, scarcely any ability to eat – or to stay awake – for days on end.


No email responses, no nothing, just unhappy rest.


Enough of my tale of woe. I was able to have an ear to the news and realized how much fun it is to be a news junkie.


How about the idea that Tony Soprano is alive and well in New Jersey? How exciting to see the sugar-coating melting.


How about that Dennis Rodman? Drunk in North Korea, singing birthday wishes to one of the world's meanest leaders. Mr. Rodman may have been a good basketball player, but it was quite evident he was out of his element, whatever that is. And he doesn't have a clue about the difference between good and evil. The latest info is he and his colleagues didn't get a dime for the embarrassments in North Korea.


In Frederick County, Courtney Mabeus, one of the best Frederick News-Post reporters, followed up the New Jersey scapegoating. Her story identified political advisor Bridget Kelly as a graduate of Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg. No other media picked up on this local angle. Good work. Good staff always gets the axe.


This story from the Garden State gets better almost daily. The alleged presidential unraveling continues. Really though, did or does Chris Christie have a chance in the world for a presidential nomination? No way.


Maryland's Gov. Martin O'Malley may have visions but in practicality not a chance in this world to ride in on a white horse.


Imagine the jumping for joy, especially from the Clintons, the Rubios, and new hopes for the aspirations of perhaps another Bush? The list is mighty weak out there. And, the tea party? Nothing but tea bags out there. Why even consider Iowa visits?


One of my favorite news items comes from our British cousins. This is on the level. The English have decided to allow "spies" to speed without penalty on their highways. Wonder what kind of license plate that will show – 007? True story, friends.


Then, as I was trying to be alert and take a note from here to there, the story broke that the Frederick County School Board vetoed any idea that the president of the county commissioners could participate in school budget negotiations with its unions. Boos in order here.


Discourtesy and protectionism by the elected school board? Even a conspiracy? This is a good reason the school board should not be elected; a good reason the board of commissioners should appoint board members since they have to come up with the cash.


The commissioners' president should be accorded more respect, no matter his party affiliation.


There have been so many good stories abounding, lifting spirits of those ailing because they ignored medical advice.


Sometimes I'm not sure which is more entertaining, politics or sports. The NFL's Washington team may not be back to its winning ways, at least during the off-season where they seem to be uncrowned champions. A new coach was selected. Maybe some new players would be the biggest help.


Then, how about that "put-upon" player from the Yankees who finally was suspended for the 2014 season? Now he's suing his colleagues, the Major League Baseball players’ association. No shame, just pay him.


The idea that A-Rod took performance enhancing drugs certainly should be described negatively. On second thought, have you noticed all of the performance drugs being hustled constantly during television commercials? Wrong sport. Wrong age?


There remain lots of good news stories ongoing.


Just as I was getting ready to finally have a snack, the story breaks where a pilot lands at the wrong Missouri airport. Such a thing has never occurred at Frederick's Airport. I can recommend the airport restaurant and the view.


Let's keep the Rodmans and Christies and others of these ilks away from Frederick County. Did I hear someone say "dumb and dumber?"


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