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As Long as We Remember...

January 6, 2014

The “what’s in & what’s out grab-bag” for 2014

Steven R. Berryman

Stay ahead of the learning-curve this year; start on an informed basis so you don’t get left-behind in trends, what’s happening, and changes to our landscape. To operate in our complex world, one has to begin paying attention...sometime!


To wit:


Savior of old line Republicanism (non-Conservative), John Boehner is IN (trouble)...Savior of new-thinking Democrats, our Hawaii snorkeling Prez Barack Obama is OUT (of ways to explain ACA Reform as some positive proposition toward his legacy)


Political party allegiance is OUT…and “Rave” parties are IN. (be prepared to stay up late).


“Global climate change theory” is OUT…Ice damming of research scientists on a research trek is IN (as in stuck IN it.)


Civil liberties are OUT….Civil unrest is IN (whatever happened to that “occupy” group created by the White House for his re-election?)


The Muslim Brotherhood is OUT….New American “isolationism” is IN (-side our borders).


Illegal Immigrants are IN (-side of your Emergency Room)….You are OUT (of your tax dollars)


Now onto the random and mundane stuff:


Incandescent light bulbs are OUT (by law!)...Mercury filled, toxic CFL bulbs are IN (hold out for LED bulbs!)


Facebook is OUT….Instagram is IN.


#Hashtags are OUT…. “Selfies” are IN (Google it if you are so unaware)


Yelling “Geronimo!” is OUT….YOLO is IN (Y.ou O.nly L.ive O.nce)…


“Call of Duty” is OUT (and IN).... and “Grand Theft Auto” is IN (and OUT)...right?


“Loombands” are IN….BandAids are OUT (ouch!).


Twerking is IN….Line dancing is OUT (demonstrably).


Drip coffee is OUT….Keurig Systems are IN


Best Buy is OUT….hh gregg’s is IN


Dollar Store is OUT….5 Below is IN


Sears is OUT….Target is IN (unless you have their Card)...


Bath salts are OUT….Medical (and retail) marijuana are IN.


Justin Bieber is OUT….Miley Cyrus is IN (regrettable).


Breaking Bad and Dexter are OUT….Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are IN (watch TV much?).


Dub Step (music) is OUT….Country music is IN.


Drinks After Work (song) is IN….Wrecking Ball (like a song) is OUT...we hope!


Flash mobs are OUT….The “Mob Monkey” (only on Baltimore’s 98 Rock) is IN.


Chinese cuisine is OUT….Vietnamese cuisine is IN (do check the meat, though).


Mike Shanahan is OUT…. Redskins (organization) is also OUT...of excuses now…


OK, now go forth (and fifth) and Google the ones that you didn’t get!


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