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December 30, 2013

Whence Goeth This Country?

Cindy A. Rose

The moment many of us have been waiting for is almost upon us – 2014! It’s not just a new year, if you are anything like me, you see it as an opportunity for America to tell the world [I’d say Congress, but they couldn’t care less] … to tell the world America is tired of feeling beaten down by the federal government.  For us Marylander’s, we’re tired of being beaten down by our state government.


Will 2014 be the year that kicks off the revolution to restore state, local and individual control? Or will it be the year we slide further toward the precipice?


How much more bullying into submission will the American people put up with? What group is left untouched by the large crushing hand of government and coddling, suffocation from the nanny state?


Parents were put in their place by Common Core; the national grab of educational power from the hands of parents and local jurisdictions and placed in the hands of corporate billionaires and educrats like Bill Gates and Jeb Bush.


The military is constantly being put in its place by the continual erosion of its supplies, benefits and retirement packages. It is sacrificed while the Department of Defense is allowed to lose, lose, one more time, lose $8.5 “trillion” dollars (1). But it’s okay if our military families are left to find resources of their own to bring their dead children home.


The media; those that weren’t already in the bag, were being called spies and subjected to searches and seizures to put the fear of big government in, well, not just them, but those who in the future might decide to blow the whistle.


Political Action Groups, 99.9% of the conservative kind, were bullied by the Internal Revenue Service and denied official status to prevent them from doing business and collecting funds for conservative candidates and causes.


Whistleblowers got demoted for believing in accountability and upholding the constitution. They dare to report on unsavory, if not illegal behavior and get demoted or fired while their targets get promoted.


States who dare to uphold their laws get sued by the federal government. Worse, yet, they get sued by foreign countries with the assistance of our federal government.


Christians are being forced to ignore their beliefs and/or keep their faiths to themselves.


The “average” American has been done in by Obamacare. Conservatives tried to ring the warning bell but couldn’t be heard above the political talking points of the left. Now the din is so loud even the deaf can hear the sirens and the blind are beginning to see.


Since 2008 every year has gotten scarier and scarier. I’m only 50, but I can’t recall ever fearing my government. Thomas Jefferson said: “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” For me, it’s not the kind of fear that makes me hide. It’s the kind of fear that makes me mad. It’s the kind of fear that moves a slothful electorate into voting.


Moving beyond rhetoric for effect and into actual belief, I do believe it is no longer the “people’s” government. Corporations, lobbyists, special interest groups and lifetime politicians have taken control of our system of government “by” the people.


They say people only take action when they are touched personally. Who among us have not been touch by the overreaching, narcissistic, tyrannical, suffocating hand of big government?


Congress has been doing just enough to keep “the people” at bay, but I think 2014 is the year we begin to breach the outer walls.


The only question that remains: Which warriors will be victorious in this revolution – the progressives or the conservatives?


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