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December 20, 2013

Dumping on Obama

Roy Meachum

The Washington Post ran “THE WORST YEAR IN WASHINGTON” Sunday, blamed it on Barack Obama. Its poll traced from January’s high of 57% to November’s low of less than 40 percent. The newspaper’s survey showed a minority that was confused.


Blame it on substantial reasons.


The national and local criticism already reaches so far as to twist and shape the man out of size. Of course, he’s African American, which doesn’t help him to be understood. Then, of course, it contributes to weaken his motives in most people’s heads, thinking a black man can be built askew to whites; no matter the physiology.


It’s 18th century philosophy that all men are “created equally.” Three hundred years later we know better. Otherwise, they could be shaped and colored like us – white people. Naturally, protestors bringing up racism convinces most of the protestors’ guilt; I agree.


No matter how long it lasted the National Security Agency surveillance stories were leaked this year by Edward Snowden; also there was a government shutdown. No business was conducted in Washington. Only 55 bills were passed by both chambers during the year.


Speaker John Boehner’s GOP was repeatedly screwed by the Tea Parties which made their constant harassments of the mainline organization incessantly. The Republicans can look forward to relief. In 2010 there was reaction to Barrack Obama all across the country. In Frederick, all county commissioners were elected from the same party; of course, a strong radio personality was very much involved.


How much will Commissioners’ President Blaine Young become active in politics; he has a part-ownership in the taxi cab company and the radio show he hosts. He’s talking about a try for Frederick County executive. Of course, several strong personalities are willing – and endorsing – Democrat Jan Gardner; they are Facebook “plugs” backing former Commissioner Gardner for a post that locals have never had before.


Of course, local politics reflect the national; there has been evidence, like the five county commissioners who are all Republicans elected in 2010 – when the GOP rocked everything in sight. The registrations show the city is Democratic; the GOP controls the county.


Thirty years ago – when I moved to East Fourth Street – Frederick was under control of the vet, Dr. James McClellan, who was conservative, although a Democrat. Rest of the elected offices remained in hands of the similarly disposed – the legacy of the Civil War. Baltimore remained with the Union, because of Yankee bayonets.


There came the Emancipation, which former slaves took the party of their former owners. Nixon’s Southern Strategy changed all that: the former Confederacy turned into reliably Republican. Kitty-cornered, from City Hall – and down the street – sits Kemp Hall, which was the meeting site of Secessionists; they met until the blue-uniformed armed forces broke them up. In all, Frederick remains color-prejudice.


President Obama’s 2006 election to the highest office left the county un-phased, except for racial matters. When I relocated, the Ku Klux Klan had a very active chapter; I went to a meeting. Until a black attorney, Willie Mahone, chased them out from the Baker Park band-shell and the town – and county.


In pits of opinion, there lingers prejudice.


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