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December 19, 2013

The Lie of the Year Award

Patricia A. Kelly

It’s a sad day when the President of the United States of America wins the “Lie of the Year Award.”  It’s hard to think of anyone who deserves it more this year than President Barack Obama.


Would that his blatant assertion that those who liked their doctors or liked their insurance could keep them, period, was his worst lie. His Benghazi lie, which facilitated his winning a second term, makes my blood boil, too; but that one happened last year, so it doesn’t count.


When I heard President Obama say at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela that we should follow Mr. Mandela’s example, I nearly coughed up my oatmeal. Of course, he could have meant to suggest that we follow this truly great man’s socialist tendencies, but I actually think he meant we all should try to get along. This coming from the president who, ironically, given the color of his skin, may have done more than anyone to cause division among the people of the United States.


He has pitted poor against wealthy, people of color and varied ethnicities against Caucasians, gay people against straight, women against conservatives and so on. I will never get over Eric Holder, his attorney general, saying that the reason people were after him for listening in on journalists’ cell phones and even filing charges against one for reporting the truth, was that he and the president were black.


No, Mr. Holder, we were after you because you were breaking the law and playing God, silly man


Back to President Obama, his very worst lie of all, repeated many times during his campaigns, was that he would make life better for the middle class, those on whose backs many of the rest of us ride.


Middle class is defined as the broad group that falls socio-economically between the working class and the upper class. Middle class people own their means of production, or have certified professions. They have one third of their income as discretionary, among other characteristics.


My sister’s health insurance bill just went to over $1,000 per month. She was told she was lucky to be grandfathered into this policy, with its’ $3,000-per-year deductible. That means she can easily spend $15,000 per year on health care, without even getting sick.


As she pointed out, it is recommended that one’s mortgage payment amount to one fourth of one’s income. Assuming that someone living in Frederick City had a fairly modest mortgage of $180,000 and an interest rate of less than four percent, his principal, interest, taxes and insurance would amount to about $1,250 per month, unless he lived in a desirable and highly taxed neighborhood, in which case it would be more.


This would mean that a single person with a modest mortgage could be spending $30,000 per year on mortgage and health insurance alone.  Most people living in this scenario would find they had very little discretionary income left.


An official associated with the Affordable Care Act was heard to say, regarding people who lost their private insurance, that they should be happy because, now, others who never had health insurance before, could get it.


Prices go up. Taxes go up. Insurance goes up. Regulations increase. Jobs either disappear or change to part time. I know one of the people who seems to have given up the job search, and turned to selling his furniture, in order to keep his home longer. The middle class is being squeezed out of existence.


There can be little doubt that this will  become worse, as our government leaders actually realize how high our national debt is, and try to wring just a little more, and then just a little more out of those folks who are working  professionally. Those people used to be self-supporting, and even boosted the economy occasionally by purchasing things they didn’t have to have.


There have been many lies or secrets in past administrations, from President Grover Cleveland’s secret cancer surgery, to Iran Contra, to “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”


That last lie could, by carefully twisting words and meanings, be called a misleading statement rather than an outright lie, because we all, unfortunately, do know exactly what happened between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.


Current lies are so blatant they can’t even be explained away. The people our president claimed to care about, the working, paying the bills, backbone of America, will pay the price.


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