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December 2, 2013

Taking Back America

Cindy A. Rose

If you vote for anything other than a conservative in 2014 or 2016 you are a fool. Conservatives need to hold on to the House and take back the Senate in 2014 if this nation is to have a chance at recovering and continuing the America our Founders envisioned.


We need to pass that America on to our children, not the America of Big Brother.


Here are five reasons I will be voting “conservative:”


1.     Obamacare. Its “mandate” is enough to make me work against it. Other than that, it’s expensive. It needs to be, of course. How else will it get funded if not off the backs of each other? Your premium payment helps subsidized someone else’s premium payment. It’s the ultimate Ponzi scheme. It’s overpriced because each citizen must purchase coverage they don’t want or need: i.e., men who must pay for maternity care; seniors who must pay for pediatric care, etc. Doctors will leave the profession because they will refuse to be told how to care for their patients. Will we implement physician conscription? That would be servitude, would it not? We’ve made that illegal, have we not? Health “insurance” at the end of a gun is not health “care.”


2.     Common Core. Congress isn’t paying close enough attention to this one. However, if we press this as a voting issue we can stop the federal funding of the assessment tests as well as the continual incentives, also called “bribes,” to adopt educational models, especially those that have NEVER been tested.


3.     Global Warming – sorry – Climate Change. President Barack Obama is excited to sign us up for the International Climate Treaty that would tax Americans to pay for damage done by weather events in other, more impoverished nations. The current makeup of the Senate just might pass this. (1)


The EPA is more than willing to shut down the coal industry which supplies us with electricity. Apparently it does take a rocket scientist to figure out this is a bad idea.


4.     United Nations/International Rights Over Children and the Disabled. The current and past administrations have come close to signing away our sovereignty when it comes to our children and disabled through UN treaties like the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC) and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). Countries like China would have power over American citizens on how we parent and care for the disabled. Last I checked, we didn’t force abortions nor institutionalize our vulnerable populations. I find that merely “contemplating” signing this is criminal and insulting.


5.     Smaller Government. If Obamacare proved anything, it proved big government is incompetent, and incapable of proficiency in running everyday things. services millions of customers a day without a glitch using their own money and talent. The federal government funnels our money to corporate donors, friends and relatives. Big Government wants more big government because they want the power to get to the money. PERIOD! Voters are a means to the monetary ends. Wake up!


These are my top five, I’m sure you have your own.


If you think America can continue down the path of redistribution of wealth via healthcare mandates; of filling our children’s heads with political propaganda while training them to be compliant, worker bees; burdensome regulations and taxation to perpetuate the climate hoax; transfer of your rights as parents and caregivers to foreign countries and continually feeding an overspending Congress that has little concern over our rights then, by all means, continue to vote liberal/progressive.


If you’re comfortable with legislators writing laws they continually exempt themselves and their donors, by all means, continue to vote liberal/progressive.


If you’re comfortable with National Security Agency (NSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) spying on you, bullying you and further intruding into your private and personal lives, then by all means continue to vote liberal/progressive.


Please don’t mistake my urgencies as recommending you vote “Republican” because – believe me – I more than aware there are liberal/progressives in the Republican Party. I’m so aware that, this year I changed my party affiliation from Republican to Unaffiliated.


I am for a free America. I am for limited government that minds its own business and if I want to eat sugar coated fried bacon that is my right as a free American.


Social concerns are to be dealt with on the local level by communities of like-minded people. If we don’t like the community and what it stands for, we can try and change it. If that doesn’t work, we are free to move to another community more aligned to our way of thinking.


Once all of America is changed to a socialist society where government tells us we can’t eat chocolate while they themselves live in the chocolate factory hoarding sweets, where will we go?




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