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November 26, 2013

Cowards on the Prowl

Harry M. Covert

Using the term "kids" referring to those from the cradle to their 20s and some to their 30s has always been anathema in this quarter.


The latest phase among such "kiddies" is the knockout game, which is gaining momentum on the Internet and broadcast news stories.


The game is not funny. Hopefully such conduct won't appear in Frederick County.


This atrocious nonsense is for a 17 to 19 something boy north of these parts, socking an unsuspecting person in the head, knocking them down, and better yet, cowardly strike them in the head or throat.


Now, isn't that funny? Just kids' play? When other people walking down the streets cross over to the other side if they see a group of menacing looking "kids" walking toward them, they're victims of criticism.


Where does such activity unfold? How do "kids" come up with such conduct?


First of all, the victims and good citizens shouldn't have to be threatened this way for a few laughs from "youngsters" or anybody for that matter. Or idiotic gang activity.


Everybody has 24 hours a day, 60 minutes each hour and 60 seconds for each minute. Why do some gravitate to the meanness of this knockout business? Why do so many explain such conduct as a fad or a phase or not enough recreation centers?


The time is ready for the public and police to get on the same page. Don't run around and make excuses. Stand up and take offensive action against the thugs?


Naturally, if an innocent person just happened to nab the KO game player, shoot or cold-cock him, the outrage would be tolling 24-7.


The KO "kids" are not sweet, innocent boys. They are criminals, cowards and have no use for education. Even some of today's well known sports figures can run, pass, kick, but they can't act like they have some sense. They are "being" themselves, having "fun" at the expense of others and are incorrigible on playing fields and other places where people congregate.


Too many of the "role models" – and this is used far too often – are nothing short of ignoramuses. Excuse me, but the business of good examples has leaped past parents and relatives and school teachers.


I like the role model of a courtroom deputy. A defendant on trial for murder knocked down his attorney standing before the judge. The deputy instinctively used an arm-lock on the bad boy, brought him down. He passed out. The judge complimented the deputy.


A "tough" kid was brought to jail for spitting and threatening a policeman. The officer placed a mask over the head of the arrestee. The magistrate said take off the mask, "if he spits again, knock his teeth out." The spitter cried and cried. Didn't expectorate again and enjoyed a night in jail.


Of late, some young "kids" aimed shotguns and automatic pistols at police officers. They were rather stupid and paid the price with early eternity.


There was a time when a peeping tom kept sneaking up to various first-floor apartment windows. Complaints abounded. One night, the "peeper," who happened to be a federal educator, leaned in the wrong window. He got stabbed in the eye." Once adjusted to single vision, he spent some time "in correction."


The new knockout artists aren't in the boxing rings or pugilistic clubs. One day soon, they're going to sneak up behind someone who looks weak and weary and are going to get shot. This will make an Internet marvel.


The general public one day soon will have enough, build up courage and not take it any more. Be alert walking downtown or the malls.


This is the last time to use the adjective "kids." Frankly, kids are goats.


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