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November 26, 2013

“Historic Mistake”

Roy Meachum

Iran, China, Russia, Italy, Britain, France, European Common Market foreign policy and the United States called it a “Historic Nuclear Agreement.” Israel called it a “Historic Mistake.”


The astonishing fact: Not since President Dwight D. Eisenhower was able Washington to act alone without the Zionist state in agreement; already there are signs of pro-Israel partisans want to change it. It makes no sense from our national security point of view: We are a country of 300 million; what do we have in common with a tiny five million? Ideology is not the answer. Americans mostly number Christians.


My greatest disappointment came in 1967 with the U.S.S. Liberty; the Israeli planes and boats damaged and killed Americans. But Lyndon B. Johnson almost apologized to Tel Aviv. I was a part of the LBJ Administration. Israelis murdered 34 and wounded 174. That was the low point in our diplomatic history; we went to war with Britain for far less, in the 1812 war.


Fortunately, the approval rests in the Senate. Virginia’s Eric Cantor is the House Majority Leader; he’s called the agreement “dangerous.” He will seek to change it. There are various voices on Capitol Hill who are not enamored with the deal.


Conversations started in March or April; amazing considering Washington’s “leak” capability. Again in November there were stories of the agreement; hushed up by the government. That time, they almost came together, except for Teheran’s intransigence; a month ago they weren’t ready to agree. Over the weekend all the parties came to concord.


Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu was kept advised, which is how he quickly called it a “historic mistake.” There’s reason to figure out his objections that the treaty took so long.


I’m cheered since I remember the U.S.S. Liberty so well. For years I had the image in mind that my nation resembled a snotty-nose child with only one to clean his face, Mother Israel. The Zionist country has long been an impediment to our relations with Muslim countries.


President Barack Obama changed it. He treated Tel Aviv with dignity; he kept them advised. But he no longer agrees that the United States is servile. Good for him!!!


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