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As Long as We Remember...

November 25, 2013

The Roots of Anger

Steven R. Berryman

The anger of our times is born of unrequited frustrations; when goals, hopes and needs are simultaneously frustrated, and one cannot process the reasons that they persist, this causes the latent anger to bloom and flourish.


Welcome to the fourth quarter of 2013 in what is mockingly known as our national period of economic “recovery.”


The very wordsmithing and semantics of the Orwellian political-correctness itself engenders the anger. It seethes and breeds upon itself as it languishes and loiters.


Americans trust not in polls, statistics and factoids, or White House press conferences; be they from the Congressional Budget Office, an amiable press secretary, the Census, ABC News/Washington Post, or Gallup. The body of direct evidence for the deceit, misdirection, obfuscation, spin, slant, and cover up reeks of systemic collusion.


Those, who seek to control, influence the message...sometimes horribly!


Passionate bloggers and activists populate Facebook with dedicated pages now that are brimming with revelations that provide line-item proof of the “propagandizement” of America.


The biggest offenders are the bold-faced lie, the lie, the unintended spoken word, and the mis-represented comment. Ah, the Bushisms live!


Speaking off-truth has been practiced and demonstrated for many administrations, and behind closed is explained thusly: “We know best, and with all good intentions understand that some can’t handle the truth, and some would take the plain truth and run in the wrong direction with it, which would work against our national objectives.”


So, the ends justify the lies and hypocrisy, and it remains unchallenged and repeated until it eventually becomes a folk-truth. Yes, it’s the repetitions….the repetitions!


Unemployment is going down, unemployment is lessening, we are recovering from unemployment, the unemployment picture is improving, how ’bout that unemployment number!


Of course, what they meant to say is that the record number of men and women of job seeking age, many of whom support families, have quit looking for work, have dropped out of the game, and turned to the dole. We could also speak of those working outside of their field of specialty, or who are underemployed with part-time wages only.


These people are not counted, but are now chronically angry…Where is the help?


President Barack Obama promised more road we have congested and dangerous work zones with speed cameras taking our pictures and sending us fines in the mail...makes me angry; but what percent of our population does this relieve?


Is that it? Quantitative easing has only eased for bankers and Wall Street….not you and me. Angry I be.


But, thank God that the inflation rate at least is under control. Not.


We simply remove new car sales, or government workers under forced sabbaticals, or volatile items like food and gasoline, or the price of your heating oil and gas. Can’t have inconvenient data-sets mucking up the feeling better of the recovery. Yes, attitude puts people to work….feelin’ fine now…well, not really.


In fairness, there is a certain market psychology that will sway border line business investment decisions, so I do get some of the tweaking of facts. But we are out of control now.


We are not adding jobs via higher education as so much of the liberal arts curriculum does not translate into the workforce strength. We are not adding jobs by encouraging investment or making new skills programs available (outside of the fakey “green energy thing”). We still maintain foreign trade practices and monetary policy that hold back the blue collar and roughneck jobs. The middle ground for the middle class is evaporating and being replaced by low paying part-time work.


Blame directly aspects of Obamacare among others, discouraging full-time employment, and forcing up the costs of doing business. People who would otherwise expand and/or start new businesses are sitting on the sidelines as a result. There is no plan!


The money itself is sitting on the sidelines, as developers do not develop, or worse, because they can’t develop any new income streams to replace old business efforts. How to cover that gentrified shopping mall investment?


Blame the Environmental Protection Agency cabal. Saving the planet is most exaggerated, and we seem to be hurting the people by saving the planet. Regulations detract from investment most directly.


Corporations need to learn to work making best decisions NOT just to the end of the fiscal quarter. Regulate them accordingly! Governments need to make hard and smart decisions that span whole administrations. Politicians need to risk their careers making best practices happen in a head-wind of lobbyists. The people must expect better and vote with their feet and their dollars. Corruption cannot become an expected norm, and be ignored by an institutional press disorder!


But, just don’t lie about it. The truth helps, because it’s about the knowing. This becomes confidence,’s about the trust. It’s about a willingness to believe that the problems are acknowledged so that they may be fairly analyzed, worked on and resolved systematically over time.


Soon, I hope.


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