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As Long as We Remember...

November 15, 2013

Kathy Afzali: Mean Politician

Roy Meachum

The low regard for Del. Kathy Afzali (R., Frederick 4th) can be summed up in her lack of appointment to the county growth task forces committee. State Sen. David Brinkley put it: “Afzali is about Afzali and not a solution to the problem.”


In turn, the delegate questioned the senator on impartiality. She attacked several of those he appointed, calling Ron Young, Patrick Hogan and Galen Clagett in league with developers. In two columns, I’ve suggested that Ms. Afzali is out only for the media clamor. I find it passing strange that while the task force was appointed around the first of the month, the splat became public this week.


In other words, the committee was proper and done, until she raised the ruckus. Ms. Afzali accused Mr. Clagett: “very much pro-development and very buddy-buddy with the developers.”


Let me quote distinguished News-Post reporter Bethany Rodgers, who has written on the subject: “In response, Brinkley challenged Afzali’s impartiality on the question of creating a transfer tax to fund infrastructure. In a Monday phone interview, he attributed Afzali’s interest in the work group to a desire for publicity.”


As I’ve written before, the one-time dancer on the Great White Way (?) has an ego that cannot ever be satiated. Everything she does is at the same level. I remember how disgusted I was when her husband groveled before her, in their house. David Brinkley was there; we didn’t compare notes after that afternoon. The state senator found roots for his separate opinion of her.


Still, it may be argued that around Frederick there are so many GOP members; she’s Republican. But I protest she’s belongs to a Tea Party and has nothing to do with his branch of the party. Dear readers, I know that all forms of radicalism will be washed in the voting booth. Otherwise, we’ll come into a state like Weimar anarchy, the peculiar situation that bred Hitler and all his minions.


But I don’t mind the rhetoric; the task force will include “representatives of the Frederick County Association of Realtors, Frederick County Builders Association, Frederick County Chamber of Commerce, a municipality official and the senior, education and library communities,” according to Ms. Rodgers.


Even if the GOP delegate would be able to join the task force, in its diversities, I cannot imagine the results would be the same.


Kathy Afzali lives on, imitating a politician that disgusts me.


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