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November 12, 2013

Phil Dacey’s Act of Desperation

Roy Meachum

Alderman-elect Phil Dacey acted in good faith, but in desperation. At the last moment he brought up the charge that long-time politician Donna Kuzemchak ignored city property taxes. Certainly, I never heard it before.


Ms. Kuzemchak and I are not sympathetic; we both are Democrats. Mr. Dacey is not; he is a member of the Grand Old Party. They were both elected a week ago; so was sitting Mayor Randy McClement. Since Ron Young’s tenure in City Hall, the voters have split control over Frederick, except Jennifer Dougherty’s single term. That’s when dear Donna impressed me as caring only about herself.


That’s a long step away from doing something stupid.


Republican Phil Dacey belongs to a dying political party, as I have written before. You know what I believe: The GOP peaked in 2010, the election after the American people chose its first African American president. Barack Obama was nominated again and he stood against Mormon George Romney, who lost last November unexpectedly. The numbers were there; people were not. There’s been a puzzlement ever since.


Funded by the state Republican Party, the message was telephoned to faithful members and anyone that Annapolis “knew” was leaning in their direction. Ever since, the robocalls have been under discussion, especially within Independent ranks. Not favorably. A year from now, Blaine Young faces no shoo-in. And the Board of County Commissioners, it faces a hard row to hoe, as spiritual companions of Mr. Young.


’Tis true, the national GOP faces similar challenge. Republicans in Tea Parties threaten to sunder the right-wing apart. In the name of fundamentalism, they want politics made simple. But it’s late. They are dealing with human beings. The two parties have been around enough they’re inured: after all, the system has been around for a couple of centuries. Other countries have comparable/longer records. For example, the Roman Empire emerged from democracy into dictatorship.


The Tea Party might be fairly compared now to Rome at the time of Caesar’s murder. But there is no Marc Anthony to point out where the system has grown beyond the Founders’ intention. No, the tragedy took place through ordinary actions.


After all the Frederick public participated some 22 percent – without Mr. Dacey, a lawyer. He’s one of five aldermen. Randy McClement doesn’t strike me as anyway as radical. While the very serious question sticks around through 2014. In particular, I have Blaine Young in mind. Off the elections of 2010, he was presumed as invincible. Rumors of his being governor made little sense to me; Republican Larry Hogan staked out the right-wing side. It seemed to me the Frederick young man was forced into defending his position in a Democratically-controlled jurisdiction: Will he or will he not? I was never comfortable with either answer.


Contributing to my confusion was the “candidate’s” vacillating nature; he can be straight as a dye, but Blaine Young was not. Meanwhile, Phil Dacey certainly didn’t help.


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