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November 11, 2013

If you like itů.Well, nevermind!

Steven R. Berryman

The political cartoon goes something like this: The Prez: “If you like your healthcare plan and doctor, you can keep ‘em.” Unhappy looking constituent: “But, Mr. President, they cancelled my plan!” The Prez: “Well then you must not have liked your plan.”


Strangely, this cartoon fails only in that it is not mere parody of our current circumstances; it more or less defines them.


Some 187 million people that got what healthcare insurance they paid for, are satisfied with what they paid for (or they would have upgraded their plans) and believed the former leader of the free world that he “had their backs.” ...As he “sold it in” to us.


In the world of sales, one can sell anything when afforded the freedom and opportunity to lie with impunity, free from accountability. This car is a cream puff; only got 14,000 miles and was driven by the local preacher on Sundays, and garage-kept; it’s a steal… etc.


Should you hold this and surrounding lies against him, surely you are a racist. No, not a chance that the “white apologists” can even fix this one, as the White House lamely promises relief to those losing coverage and not getting government payments to cover increased costs incurred re-purchasing overpriced coverages in “the market.”


But guys, fair is fair; and now your coverage will include your maternity and pre-natal care, anxiety care and phobias! Well, except for fear of the Internet...


As reported in The Washington Post on Saturday: “It was clear from the beginning that there were going to be some winners and losers,” said Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University in Virginia, who supports the health overhaul. “But the losers are calling reporters, and the winners can’t get on the website.”


Washington, DC, reports only six (6) people have successfully signed up for free stuff online to this date…


The real story is that the roles of Medicaid are swelling – this, the total give-away plan – as people are forced into choices. This money comes straight out of your confiscated tax money that the Internal Revenue Service took. Yes, the Supreme Court of The United States formally ruled that Obamacare, and the whole Affordable Care Act, are indeed a tax.


People, it was not only a failure of web-based technology, or some browser mis-match or bad computer code; it was wholesale failure to match up a set of goals, procedures, plans and processes with reality. Of course, the plan was to be picking winners and losers from the start! Not just failed implementation; failed content...


The lie-behind-the-scene is that the displaced, happy insured would be victimized in droves, because the money to cover the poor would have to come from somewhere… So Obamacare squeezes the middle-class again. Forced to purchase coverages at levels and extents that don’t make sense for those in early to mid-life, the lie from our champion of the middle-class, President Barack Obama festers...


Then came the non-apology apology. Prez to the people: (I’m paraphrasing here) “I apologize to my people, especially those who believe what I said, not what I meant. Of course, I regret forcing you into my marketplace, to purchase a product you don’t want. But trust in me; I know what you want better than you know what you want.”


[Now get ready for the conversation – one way – from our leader about fairness in radio broadcasts, equality for illegal-aliens, energy reform, rights for strippers and pole dancers, and whatever he wants to agendize us with!]


Because he knows best.


In the beginning, the sell-in for Obamacare was determined to be a whole lie. Otherwise there would be no election win for our president of the United States, and no “right to affordable healthcare” at all. Many to most of those without insurance coverage simply deemed the insurance policies as a bad spend, or simply bought basic or catastrophic plans, as needed. It was about choice.


Choice is one of those things we had back when we were a free land of liberty. Remember back then? No, not back when a car was a quarter (thanks Jerry Seinfeld) but only recently, when you got to pick your doctor and your own health coverages from a menu.


Gotta go for now; figuring out how best to spend the $2,500 windfall savings promised to me under our new Obama Promised Plan.



Happy Veterans Day 2013 to all who have served and to their families. We must work to save this land – from the inside this time.


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