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November 5, 2013

What happening to us?

Cindy A. Rose

I’m tired, frustrated and my nerves can’t dare take another syllable coming from some liberal do-gooder who believes government will save us from everything.


I want to sink down in a warm bubble bath with the aroma of vanilla and gardenias wafting around my head. I want to hear Vivaldi so loud the walls thump and the craziness of American politics slips slowly from my brain. I’m so tired. Tired of the bickering and fighting. Tired of friends no longer friends because ideology has blinded them to what made them friends in the first place.


I’m only 50, but I recall when politics was water cooler whispering forgotten by 5 P.M. on Friday, when no one knew the political affiliation of their neighbor or work mates. We kept a close watch on “others” not those in our most intimate of circles. What happened to us?


Somewhere along the way someone talked us into becoming enemies. Are we? Don’t we still like to go to the movies? Catch a good ballgame or hang out over dinner and chat. Don’t we all still want a nice house with a manageable yard, a few kids, food on the table and a future for our children? What changed that?


Who did we allow to drive a wedge between us to the point we forget we are in this thing called Life together. Not together as in redistribution of wealth, but together in that if I see you struggling I wouldn’t think twice about stretching out my hand. If I can’t pull you up, I will at least stop you from drowning. I am not your “keeper,” but I am your friend, your neighbor, your countryman.


We need to stop listening to the talking political heads and start to once again listen to our own voices. We aren’t addle-minded; the world won’t end if we make the wrong decision. We can govern ourselves. It’s time we throw off the shackles of slick politicians and charming pundits and recall who it was who helped me shovel snow and pull my car from that ditch? Was it a politician or a talking head; or was it neighbor or maybe even a stranger? Who really has your back when push comes to shove?


When was the last time you felt “heard” from a bureaucrat? If you were heard, was there something in it for them?


Election Day is going to kick off what I believe will be a huge turning point for America and the American way of life. We need to sit back and take a long, hard look at what we believe that is. Does the person I support have that same vision? Is it a life where government makes all the tough decisions for us, and we don’t have to think about anything? Is it a life where it might get tough from time to time and we have to rethink a few things?


Either we control our communities, or we continue to let more and more power flow to the governing class. Ruler or ruled? Citizen or subject? Slave or freeman? All in or All out?


Choose wisely during these next election cycles.


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