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As Long as We Remember...

November 4, 2013

Still Waiting to be saved

Steven R. Berryman

All of America is waiting to be saved – saved from the “not knowing” aspects of the unknowable economic slide – saved from not knowing how much Obamacare will cost – saved from the political deadlock of two parties clutching each other in a death spiral, like a pair of mountain climbers falling off a cliff connected by their rope.


Many Americans are waiting to be saved by the next presidential cycle. Ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio top the list.


Google “Tea Party” and see Ted Cruz as the first link, along with a picture of Sarah Palin, pledging allegiance to the flag. The media has done such a fine job of debasing the Tea Party that Senator Cruz may lose out on any Republican draft simply by the association.


People forget that Republicans would not even be at the table now without a Congress flush with wave of Tea Party leaders. A move to the political center for the GOP will force a continued separation from Senator Cruz.


Do note that we would not even be in negotiation for a reduced budget without holding Obamacare hostage….[but fear not, this program was designed to implode upon its own weight, as it does not solve or even address the financial and qualitative medical dilemmas we all face, and this “tax” will be revealed as harming the middle class.]


Consider Rand Paul except for his looney worldview of an isolationist foreign policy. They will call him a dope-smoking Libertarian and that will be it...just too easy to demonize…


Marco Rubio has been flip-flopping on his illegal-immigrant solutions, but we forget that his strength to pull in the Hispanic vote would statistically not have made a difference, even in Mitt Romney’s campaign. He’s a one-trick-pony.


Chris Christie has a huge health concern in his gravitas...or gravity...or belly or something. Even the million-dollar hug with President Barack Obama is not enough to outweigh his pissing off of the New Jersey teachers unions. They will talk…and he did flub the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – despite the halo otherwise – if you interview the suppressed homeowners that were never fully rescued.


Jeb Bush has been groomed for years to win a GOP nomination, and he does a good job of hablo-ing Espanol. His fatal flaw is that he has a brother named George, who is largely responsible for the senator from Illinois becoming a president from out of virtually nowhere…


Gosh that leaves Mike Lee!...However:


Don’t ever forget, it’s not the winning of one race, the election of a certain savior, or the winning of a specific party that will save you; stop waiting to be saved! The answer is at the state level, with states coming together and de-leveraging the federal usurpation of authority.


We do need an end to presidents who rule by executive decree, an end to an activist Supreme Court, an end to a Congress that ignores oversight roles and takes no responsibility, an end to “politicians for life,” and firm laws to remove the K Street Lobby from a position that trumps your best interests!


We need a return to morality in our politicians, and a “do the right thing” attitude. Selflessness and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” must prevail.


We must remember back to the best days of our founding and the original principles we were bequeathed. We must return to the original intentions in The Constitution, and dismantle the parts that imply “and anything else you may want to do.”


We must dismantle a federal bureaucracy that feeds upon itself and lives to protect itself from its own people. We must find out what exactly do the Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, The Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, and other monoliths of power do that is counterproductive, duplicative, and disempowering to the average citizen. Who is on-task and who is off task?


The task being the recovery of a nation to its former greatness.


We must foster an environment where the best and brightest go into politics instead of into business or medicine. We must reduce the personal price that is paid for a run in the political arena so more quality candidates can be found. We must encourage our finest into leadership at the state and local levels. The people must help them along while holding their feet to the fire with accountability.


Again, don’t wait to be saved by a single man in a single post; it’s a systemic problem that must be worked from the ground-up.


Listen to the rantings of Mark Levine; listen to the ravings of Michael Savage and Dr. Ben Carson and Chris Plante. While none hold all of the answers, each holds a key ingredient. What these men hold in common is the fire in the belly and the passion; that’s where it starts...


Does it bother anyone else that the most powerful man in the world is now reputed to be Vladimir Putin?



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