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November 1, 2013

If You Like Your Plan…Forget It!

Joe Charlebois

The wonders of progressive social engineering never cease to amaze. For example, how can one explain a Health and Human Services actuary calculating that a healthy 25 year old male and a healthy 25 year old expectant mother should pay the same premiums for the same insurance product?


The Affordable Care Act does discriminate on the basis of sex, just not how one would envision. There is no "penalty" for being a woman in the president's plan, but as a sort of “universal child support payment plan,” men will be required to pay more in premiums to make up for the costs associated with childbirth, hospitalizations and the more frequent trips to the doctor that are associated with women. (After all, we know that there is no biological difference between men and women.)


Based on how Obamacare was written, it is obvious that women have much greater clout in electoral politics than the elderly or the smoking public. We know this because Obamacare has manipulated rates to favor women but not the elderly or those who smoke. Just as rates for these two groups were higher prior to the implementation of Obamacare, they will remain so. Clearly this is lobbying failure of the AARP and the American tobacco industry. They failed to put enough money into the campaign coffers of then Sen. Barack Obama (D., IL) and the multitude of Democrats who ran for election in 2008 to affect the way the law was written.


Further proof of the Obama Administration’s outright social engineering is the fact that approximately 85% of those who are current individual healthcare policyholders will have their plans made obsolete by arbitrary federal mandates leading to their cancellation. Leading the near universal dismantling of an entire industry are HHS bureaucratic know-it-alls. They not only believe that those who possess individual policies are not being provided enough coverage or the “right” coverage, but they also believe that these same policyholders are shirking their responsibility to their fellow Americans because they are not paying enough into the healthcare system.


I want it…I want it…I want…

You can’t…………have it!”

(Lyrics from Magic Bus by Pete Townshend of The Who)



Once it is determined that a current policy doesn’t meet the minimum criteria, it will be cancelled at the renewal date in the upcoming year. Each policy must include a minimum of each of the 10 following items or services. (Source:


·       Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care you get without being admitted to a hospital);

·       Emergency services;

·       Hospitalization (such as surgery);

·       Maternity and new-born care (care before and after your baby is born);

·       Mental health and substance use disorder services, including behavioural health treatment (this includes counselling and psychotherapy);

·       Prescription drugs;

·       Rehabilitative and habilitative services and devices (services and devices to help people with injuries, disabilities, or chronic conditions gain or recover mental and physical skills);

·       Laboratory services;

·       Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management; and

·       Pediatric services (which includes pediatric dental)


The “It takes a village attitude” of this plan is nothing short of a Marxist style redistribution plan. It makes everyone pay for pediatric services; it makes everyone pay for maternity coverage; it makes everyone pay for mental health benefits; it makes women pay for Viagra or Cialis; it makes men pay for maternity care; and it makes everyone pay for prescription drugs.


The people whose policies have been cancelled will be offered new plans from their healthcare provider, but it will be loaded with minimum items and services that the policyholder may or may not need. The result, of course, is higher premiums and less take home pay. In many cases the deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums will increase, too.


Regrettably, unless the social engineering of Obamacare is overturned and sensible healthcare legislation replaces it, the days when an individual can make decisions for him are gone, long gone.


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