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October 30, 2013

GOP to Tea Party: Ba-Bye!

Patrick W. Allen

The GOP, that venerable constituency of look-the-other-way lunatics, has wised up and begun to work on distancing itself from Tea Party politics, and heading back toward the center of the political spectrum.


The GOP is starting to look for ways to distance itself from the Tea Party for the 2014 elections. According to the National Journal, the GOP’s new plan to combat Tea Party politics includes the following strategies:



Tea Party Politics: No Bi-Partisanship or Compromise


Tea Party politics doesn’t include bi-partisanship and compromise. Members think these are the very things that will tear the nation apart. They have been very vocal that any Republican who compromises with Democrats will face a primary challenge, a mindset which is way beyond ignorant. The next thing you know, they will insist that you can pray the gay away!


These threats have been a big part of why the GOP has been running scared until now. During the recent partial federal shutdown, Tim Huelskamp (R., KS) said that no Republican in the House could vote for the Senate’s plan to reopen the government because to do so would mean a primary challenge.


OMG, there’s more than one flying over the cuckoo’s nest!!


Tea Party Politics: Death Knell Virus on GOP


Establishment Republicans, however, blamed Tea Party darling Sen. Ted Cruz (R., TX) for the shutdown. Senator Cruz is a major player in Tea Party politics in Congress. In fact, he’s been such a leader that he’s been sticking his nose into House business to keep those Tea Partiers in line. Establishment Republicans are sick of that, and of his hardliner stance. Grover Norquist is sick of him…and when Grover gets sick, look out for the projectile vomiting.


Ken Cuccinelli, attorney general and the GOP’s hardliner candidate for governor of Virginia, put distance between himself and Senator Cruz, but not until Teddy-boy had made a stop in Virginia to help raise money for Mr. Cuccinelli’s coffers from Tea-Sheeple.


Congressman Peter King (R., NY), who’s been known for saying stupid stuff, also blamed Senator Cruz for the shutdown. He made it clear before that 16-day shutdown that Senator Cruz should be blamed if it actually happened. Representative King was absolutely correct in defining Mr. Cruz as a fraud, but post-shutdown blame does not seem to be sticking to the junior senator from Texas.


Polls repeatedly show that Americans blame the GOP for the shutdown and debt ceiling mess. A CNN poll showed that more than half of Americans think it’s bad that the GOP runs the House. Democrats agree with this poll.


Business groups are dropping Tea Party candidates. Polls earlier this month showed that the shutdown could hand control of the House back over to the Democrats. Democrats agree with this poll as well.


And polls also show the GOP has its lowest approval rating in history; a Washington Post/ABC poll showed their approval rating is tanking toward the bottom quicker than a brick thrown into a lake. Other polls have shown it on an irretrievable trajectory. Once again, Democrats like the results of this poll.


The Tea Party’s ratings aren’t particularly good either. Most of this is thanks to Tea Party politics. When you deliberately function to shut down government and stop democracy in its tracks, you are nothing more than a seditious mob.


From a Republican perspective, this is very bad news. The National Journal piece says that part of the GOP’s new plan uses Karl Rove’s Crossroads super-PAC. OMG, they’ve called Karl off the bench and put him into the lineup.


They want to vet GOP candidates carefully so the most viable candidate is the one that Democrats face in general elections. Democrats rarely use the words “viable candidate” when discussing GOP hopefuls.


Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio said: “We want to avoid situations like 2010 with Delaware Republican nominee and Witch denier Christine O’Donnell, where a candidate gains momentum and the skeletons come out after the primary. If skeletons exist, we’ll make every effort to make sure they’re known to every group that spends money long before the primary.” Democrats understand that the GOP closet is really big.


Tea Party Politics: Nullification of GOP Outreach


After being shocked in 2012, the GOP released an “autopsy report” that was supposed to show them better ways to connect with voters. For instance, according to the project’s information, they’re supposed to help keep people from depending on the government too much. At the same time, they’re also supposed to help make sure the government works for those truly in need. It calls low-income Americans “hardworking people who want to become hard-working middle-income Americans.”


That sounds great, but Tea Party politics includes being so afraid of big government that they seem to want no government at all. The conundrum between the GOP and Tea Party is that establishment GOPers recognize government has a place, even if it’s a small place, in people’s lives. Democrats know that when GOPers fall ill or become elderly, they will quietly take advantage of those available, but evil, government programs.


The GOP’s new plan to get away from Tea Party politics in light of the public’s poor views involves showing the moderate, establishment GOP to be the more reasonable segment. Their goal is something to root for if our democracy wants a vibrant two-party political system (that’s another column at another time).


America is in bad shape thanks to the Tea Party’s antics over the last two years…and unfortunately for me, a registered Democrat, it has to be said that Democrats hold a percentage of the blame for allowing these politically ignorant lunatics to get away with their “who gives a damn” antics.


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