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October 25, 2013

Borrowing from Cliché Files

Harry M. Covert

The old cliché, all politics is local, hits Frederick City 11 days from today. Every registered voter has a distinct duty to select the mayor and members of the aldermanic board.


Clichés are supposed to be a bane to journalists, writers and other verbalists. Such words have run amok in recent times, so we'll just (forgive me) "continue on." Another irritation is this redundancy – “lower down." That’s for another time.


The lack of voting has been lamented in detail on these pages many times in the past. Since Tuesday, November 5 is creeping up within the city limits, people should take this seriously so it can be said broadly that "the people have spoken."


In recent days some have been promoting the idea of non-partisan campaigns in the city. That means those standing for public office will be Independents, not Republicans nor Democrats.


This sounds like a good suggestion to a few but wouldn't amount to much. Even if such changes in the city charter were made, the facts would remain the same. The capital “R” people would still be Republicans. The capital “D” campaigners would still be Democrats. In other words, city politicos would still be "kicking the can" as they always have.


One thing about the city election, most of the polls, with some exceptions, are in churches of various denominations. At least for a change lots of the houses of worships will have visitors. That is good and doesn't have a thing in the world to do with "the separation of church and state."


It was Ronald Reagan's tippling friend, Massachusetts’ Congressman O'Neill, who got word merchants to talk about the basis for all "fun and games" between the "public servants" who always find "the clock is ticking."


Imagine the public loss if the partisans stop "caucusing." Public prints won't be able to describe the "dedicated community leaders" meeting as "circular firing squads."


Naturally leaders in Maryland's second largest municipality will enjoy their "gravitas" and won't have to express "regrets of any pain" they 'may have caused."


Partisanship is a good way to find the best leaders, certified men and women, who always "rise above the occasion."


This space has been attempting to find a local "fatuous contrapuntist." The hunt continues.


Still borrowing from the cliché files, "it's time to move on" and get to the business of electing leaders Tuesday – duty, honor, city.


Frederick is fortunate to have quality candidates on all sides, aligned and unaligned. They've worked hard, knocked on doors, attended all kinds of events to "meet the people," mailed lots of letters to help the postal system stay alive and pundits have found "no smoking guns."


A recent report says senior citizens are the fastest growing segment in the city and county. This is exciting and important, surely a sign that "gravitas" abounds. That word again.


Instead of "jobs, jobs, jobs," as has been blasted about endlessly, today's chant is "vote, vote, vote."


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