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October 24, 2013

Focus on the Future

Patricia A. Kelly

City elections are upon us. It’s time to vote with a capital V. Otherwise, you’re part of the problem; and, whatever you may think about your puny vote’s impact on the future of your puny town, not voting will definitely have an impact.


Stimulated by an article in the October issue of Front Page magazine, based on a speech by David Horowitz, not to mention by recent events in our country, my thoughts have turned to the big picture of partisan politics in America, and in the world.


The past is always an important factor in decision making about the future, but certainly not a place to live. As in life, living in the past is a dull, depressing, fear-filled venture. If my sister got run over by a car, does that mean I should never go near one? Does that mean I should require every car in America to carry my sister’s photo on the dash with a warning not to run over little girls?


In our world, we think of progressives, or liberals, as movers and shakers, people who make a difference. We think of conservatives as reactionary, lacking the vision to see and create that new, and great, egalitarian society where everyone gets his needs met, and everyone who can, pays in.


Progressives are moving us rapidly in the direction of universal personal surveillance by the government, and a single payer healthcare system. (How can it go otherwise? Is there any real possibility that private industry, which must – at least – sustain itself, can compete with a behemoth which can always get more money from taxpayers if things go wrong?)


These progressives would do well to look a little more carefully into the past than they have. They’ve already adopted Vladimir Lenin’s plan of subverting the thinking of children by manipulating their school curriculum. They’ve forgotten, though, that socialism doesn’t work in the end. Neither people, nor horses will keep working indefinitely if they don’t get some oats, no matter how much you extol the virtue of the needy who are eating at their troughs.


Conservatives are the ones who are considered to be living in the past. In fact, they do look back, and some of that looking back is a good way to learn some lessons about actions and consequences.


We all would do better to create a future for ourselves and live into it, rather than continuing to buy into a past where the views of other’s created our limitations. As my cousin would say: “A man without a plan is ____ed.” Conservatives, libertarians, et al, should be known for focusing on a future of freedom and prosperity, and must find a way to make this their symbol, and to assist people to envision it.


Now, somehow, the symbol for conservatism looks something like Ebenezer Scrooge, frowning, hunched over his desk, counting up his pennies, or pushing old blind people out of his way on the street. Unfortunately, some so called conservatives, people who should be fighting for freedom and prosperity or our society, are helping the progressives perpetuate this view. These people are just as willing – as are progressives – to force their personal beliefs on others, and are willing to expand the role of government to do so.


These social agenda-pushing conservatives are trying to have it their way; that is, selective small government, coupled with government regulated personal life. You can’t have it both ways, and the Republican Party needs to get that right away, vote these guys out, or face its demise as the viable second party.


As liberals influence the press, masterfully use technology to corral voters and develop their political strategy, and to create a beautiful symbol of magic, not-necessary-to-pay-for egalitarian society where everyone gets a full bowl of porridge every morning whether they get out of bed to cook it or not, so must conservatives go.


The conservative picture, actually based on reality and true numbers, rather than lies and foolish ignorance, must be that of freedom, that of the Marlboro Man riding off into the sunset, choosing not to smoke if he wants a reasonable price for his health insurance, and choosing to forgo “Big Gulps,” so as to maintain his washboard abs, not because the government says he must.


So, go and vote. Vote for those who wish to create a future of prosperity and freedom for our city by not spending money we don’t have. Vote for those who think government is there to give you space and security, rather than the lifestyle they choose to create for you. Vote for those who respect you as an individual.


Then, after they’re elected, hold their feet to the fire.


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